PRO159      Space Invasion for Pro-350/380  Version: 1986
Submitted by: John M. Crowell, Crow4ell, Ltd., Los Alamos, NM
Operating System: PRO RT-11 V5.3  Source Language: FORTRAN 77,
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 20KB  Hardware Required: Pro-350, Pro-380,
PDP-11 or LSI-11 with floating point instruction set and VT100 or
VT220 terminal.  Keywords: Games
Abstract: Space Invasion for the Pro-3xx is a complete rewrite of the
original VT52-based game.  It is a real-time interactive
game simulating the popular arcade game.  Written in
FORTRAN 77, it takes advantage of the native hardware on the
Professional-300 series of computers.  It can also be run
on PDP-11 systems with the floating-point instruction set
and a VT100 or VT220 terminal (preferably at 9600 baud or
greater).  The program runs entirely too fast on the 11/73
and 11/83, so a foreground program DELAY.REL is also
included to make the computer twiddle its thumbs.
Notes: RT-11 V5.1 or later is required.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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