PRO161      UTILITIES FOR PRO/RT  Version: April 1987
Submitted by: Earl Chew
Operating System: RT-11 V5  Source Language: MACRO-11, PASCAL
Software Required: NBS PASCAL required to recompile some programs.
Keywords: Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: This is a potpourri of programs written for RT-11.  The
following is a list of the programs offered.
DIRS		A directory listing program which has
		options to automatically search down
		sub-directories and to list creation times
		(TSX compatible).  DIRS.501 provided for
		RT-11 versions without the plain GTLIN
		facility.  /HELP for help.
BUILD		A utility modeled on the UNIX MAKE program.
		It will generate the minimum set of commands
		required to compile a program made up of
		separately compiled program modules (i.e. an
		object module need not be recompiled if its
		creation time is more recent than all its
		sources).  BUILD.501 is provided for RT-11
		versions without the plain GTLIN facility.
		This program has been updated slightly.
TS		A handler which will time stamp files with
		their creation times (TSX compatible).  This
		version will automatically reconfigure
		itself for EIS machines.
DC		A digital clock handler which will display a
		digital clock in the upper right hand corner
		of a VT100 screen.
DWDISK		A winchester disk formatting program
		allowing the user to change the interleaving
		pattern, cylinder spiral and track spiral on
		the disk.  Improvements in speed of 50% have
		been achieved using the standard DW: handler
		and formatting with an interleave of 7.
		This has only been tested on a Pro-350 using
		an RD51 (10MB)) disk.  Also included is a
		program to time disk read operations.
DW		A modified DW: handler recoded for speed
		and compactness.  Average improvements in
		speed of 65% have been achieved using a
		disk formatted by FORMAT.SAV.  The handler
		is 45% smaller than the standard DW:
		handler.  This has only been tested using an
		RD51 (10MB) disk.
EXECUTABLE      The DECUS C Lempil-Ziv data compression
IMAGE		program, tailored for RT-11, and a faster
		version of GREP (makes use of Boyer Moore
		searches) are provided.  The source code for
		these are not included here due to lack of
		space and time.  LZDCMP is required to
		decompress the program.
Notes: Some programs will not work on older versions of RT.
Changes and Improvements: New programs
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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