PRO162     GRAPHIC UTILITIES  Version: May 1986
Submitted by: Tim Fister
Operating System: P/OS V2.0  Source Language: FORTRAN 77  Memory
Required: GL-8,192W; GRAPH-46,688W; WWB-1,049W  Software Required: GL
- CGLFPU; WWB - CGLFPU  Hardware Required: GRAPH - LA210  Keywords:
Abstract: Following is a brief description of the programs contained
in this package.
. GL (Graphics Labeling) provides the ability to write on
  top of a GID file.  The GID file is played back on the
  screen.  You can then position the cursor and type on the
  graph the label you want.  Output is to file GL.GID.
  Features include small, medium and large characters,
  character path selection, removal or overlay writing modes
  and ability to control cursor movement.
. WWAB (Window With Borders) is a subroutine for use by CGL
  programmers.  It is used in place of the CGL Window Call
  and provides the window with labeled axes.
. GRAPH is a program to print standard graphs from standard
   data sets on the LA210 printer.  It does not use
  CGL.  Features include ability to specify the size of the
  graph, title lines, option to connect or not the data
  points, and to mark or not the data points.
Notes: Program GL uses a READKY subprogram for which there is only
object available.
Restrictions: GL - None, GRAPH - designed for LA210, WWB - up to 12
characters for Axis
Tic Label.
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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