PRO164     Selective Copy/Sort a Directory  Version: 1.1, March 1987
Submitted by: Jorg Buchner, D-5064 Rosrath, West Germany
Operating System: P/OS V2.0  Source Language: FORTRAN 77, MACRO-11
Memory Required: 535KB  Keywords: DCL, Sorting, Utilities - P/OS
Abstract: This diskette contains two applications which work as an
enhancement of the DCL commands COPY and DIRECTORY.
 SCOPY   Similar to PIP's /SD-Switch
  (selective delete) the task allows
  a selective copy (like RT-11's
  Copy/Query).  According to a
  PIP command line (output=input)
  filenames are displayed, and the
  user is prompted with "Y/N/G/Q"
  for approval to copy the files.
    Wildcards are allowed.  If the
  output is directed to the video
  terminal, and the user answers
  the prompt with "Go", the files
  are announced with their names
  before they are displayed (a
  feature that is not comprised
  in the DCL TYPE command, e.g.
  "TYPE *.DOC").
 SORTDIR  Arranges and outputs any directory to
  a chosen device and/or file.  The sorting
  can be done alphabetically by filename
  or type and chronologically by date.
  The directory to be arranged and
    the sorting mode are specified in
  one command line with optional
  switches. Default values are preset.
Changes and Improvements: Enhancements made and bugs removed.
Complete sources may or may not be included.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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