PRO169      PRO 2780/3870 Communications Applications  Version: 1.2,
May 1987
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS  Hardware Required: RCD5X Hard Disk  Keywords:
Utilities - P/OS
Abstract: PRO-2780/3780 is an application for the Professional 300
series of personal computers that provides communications to
systems with capabilities similar to IBM 2780 and 3780
remote batch terminals.  The product runs under the P/OS
Hard Disk Operating System.
PRO-2780/3780 operates using a single, point-to-point
communications line.  This line can be half- or full-
duplex, and transmission speeds of up to 9600 bits per
second can be achieved on an otherwise idle system.
The user interacts with the product by means of a hierarchy
of menus and forms.  The product also supplies the user with
help information that provides a brief description of the
product and its menus.
The communications discipline implemented by PRO-2780/3780
is a subset of IBM's Binary Synchronous Communications (BSC)
protocol that uses EBCDIC transmission code.  Horizontal
format control records can be received and processed.  A
subset of vertical format control escape sequences is
supported, specifically single, double and triple space,
form feed and space suppress.  Any block addressable storage
device supported by P/OS can be used as a source of
transmission files.  Both fixed length (80 character card
image) and variable length files can be transmitted as
EBCDIC (automatically translated from ASCII) or binary data
(no translation).  BSC control characters are automatically
added to the data before transmission and stripped on
reception.  Any block addressable storage device supported
by P/OS can be used to receive files.  Optionally, received
print files can be sent to a printer, if one is attached to
the Professional System.
The following 2780/3780 remote batch terminal features are
.  2780 multiple record transmission option
.  Transparent mode
.  3780 space compression
.  Variable vertical and horizontal forms control
Notes: Sources not available.
Documentation available in hardcopy only. Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), One RX50 Diskette
(JA)  Format: FILES-11

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