PRO171     DSKDIR: Diskette Directory Utility  Version: 1, December
Submitted by: Michael Catania, Michael Catania Enterprises, Glen Cove,
Operating System: P/OS V3.0  Source Language: FORTRAN 77  Memory
Required: 77KW  Keywords: Utilities - P/OS
Abstract: The DSKDIR utility is used to store information about your
diskettes in an orderly fashion.
If you have more than fifty diskettes with your personal
files on them, then this utility is for you.  You can sort
through the information by volume, file or extension.
There are two versions of the DSKDIR utility, one uses the
P/OS Menu Facility, the other does not.  You can also install
the package from the toolkit (installation command files are
Both versions were developed under P/OS V3.0, but they
should work for earlier versions, although no guarantees are
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: P/OS

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Created: December 26, 1998