PRO174     PRO/BASIC  Version: 1.4, October 1989
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS V3.2  Memory Required: 512KB  Software
Required: DECUS No. PRO177, P/OS Version 3.2  Keywords: Language
Interpreters, Professional 300 Series - P/OS
Abstract: BASIC is a conversational programming language developed at
Dartmouth College that uses simple English language-like
statements and familiar mathematical notations to perform
PRO/BASIC is an interactive BASIC for the Professional 300
system.  It is comparable in function to most personal
computer BASIC implementations, and yet maintains a high
degree of compatibility with the BASIC available on Digital
Equipment Corporation's larger PDP-11 and VAX systems.
PRO/BASIC contains the following features:
. Long variable names (up to thirty-one characters)
. Sequential files (terminal format)
. Random access files (virtual arrays)
. Chaining from one program to another with parameters
. Video terminal line editing
. Immediate syntax checking on input
. Debuffing facilities such as program trace and step
. Single and double precision that results in six digits and
  sixteen digits of accuracy respectively
. Multiple dimensional arrays (up to seven)
. Extended IF-THEN-ELSE statements
. Multiple statements on a line capability
. Calculator PRINT mode (implied PRINT)
. Print formatting with PRINT USING statement
. Programmable error handling (ON ERROR GO TO)
. User defined single line functions
. Extensive support for graphics (over twenty statements)
. String support, complete with string arrays and functions
. Meaningful, English error messages, e.g. "Expected a
  comma" rather than "Syntax Error"
. On-line Help
. Limited access to the communications port
PRO/BASIC offers a total of 41.9K bytes of user memory in
the workspace.  Of this total memory, a maximum of 32K bytes
can be used for code and a maximum of 9.6K bytes can be used
for data.  The addition of an extended memory board will not
increase the amount of memory available to the PRO/BASIC
Notes: This program is also included on DECUS No. VS0112.
Documentation available in hardcopy only. Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (ED), One RX50 Diskette
(JA)  Format: P/OS

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