PRO176     PRO/SIGHT  Version: 1.1, October 1989
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS V3.2  Memory Required: 512KB  Software
Required: DECUS No. PRO177, P/OS Version 3.2  Keywords: Graphics,
Professional 300 Series - P/OS
Abstract: PRO/SIGHT is an object-oriented, interactive graphics editor
that allows the user to create a variety of pictures ranging
from simple organization charts to complex graphics arts
Users can draw with cursor keys, a mouse or digitizing
tablet.  A set of menus appear at the bottom of the screen
that allow the user to select colors, fill patterns, brush
styles, text fonts, and standard shapes to include in the
picture.  They also allow the user to choose any eight of
256 possible colors (4,096 colors with a Professional 380).
PRO/SIGHT has a variety of editing functions which allow the
user to move, copy, delete or change the color or fill
pattern of objects.
Once created, the picture can be output on a variety of
plotters or dot-matrix printers.  The picture can also be stored
in a GIDIS file to be recalled for future use or sent to
another Professional.
Notes: Documentation is included on the media.  It was created using
RUNOFF and the
.MEM files are included on the media.  The documentation does not
graphics tables, charts, or figures, but does include all of the text
in the hardcopy version.  If you wish to purchase the documentation in
hardcopy, specify the media service charge code (ED) on your order
Optional hardware for this package is the extended bit map option.
program is also included on DECUS No. VS0112.
Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (ED), Three RX50 Diskettes
(JC)  Format: P/OS

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