PRO179     Professional Installation and Maintenance  Version: 3.2,
October 1989
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS V3.2  Memory Required: 512KB  Software
Required: DECUS No. PRO177, P/OS Version 3.2  Keywords: Professional
300 Series - P/OS
Abstract: Professional Installation and Maintenance is a set of
diskettes for the Professional 300 series personal computers which
provides an additional level of testing above the Self-test.
The MAINTENANCE APPLICATION diskette is run as a
Professional application program.  For the hard disk based
systems, the software on the diskette can be installed onto
the hard disk or run directly from the diskette.
For systems without a hard disk, the software always runs
directly from the diskette.  The programs available on this
diskette are:
System Unit Test Tests the system module and optional
Keyboard Key Test  Allows most keyboard keys to be
Printer Test  Sends data to a printer.
Configuration Display  Displays the hardware contained in
   the system unit.
Bar Patterns  Displays color bars (or gray shaded bars) on
   the video monitor for systems that have an
   extended Bit Map option.
Notes: Some options like the DECNA and TMS will only run in Standalone
that is not installed on the hard disk as an application.  This
is also included on DECUS No. VS0112.
Documentation available in hardcopy only. Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EB), Three RX50 Diskettes
(JC)  Format: P/OS

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