PRO180     Synergy, PRO/Communications, PROSE PLUS  Version: October
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS V3.2  Memory Required: 512KB  Software
Required: DECUS No. PRO177, P/OS Version 3.2; DECUS No. PRO175,
PRO/DECnet, is required for use with PRO Communications if you use the
LAT function.  Keywords: Business Applications, Data Communications,
Text Formatting, Professional 300 Series - P/OS
Abstract: Synergy provides a windowing interface for the Professional
series along with a set of applications that work in these
windows.  The windows separate the screen into areas and
make concurrent display of several applications possible.
Up to four applications may be viewed simultaneously.
While one application is active, others are suspended.
Switching from one application to another is a matter of a
few simple keystrokes.  Applications included with Synergy
. PROSE PLUS, V2.1 (without the spelling checker)
. PRO/Communications, V3.1
. Calendar, V2.1
. Datamanager, V2.1
. Spreadsheet, V2.1
. Graph, V2.1
. Calculator, V2.1
. Chess, V2.1
. File Services, V2.1
Integration of the Synergy applications is achieved through
a write/read from clipboard mechanism.  Tables and data may
be passed between the Spreadsheet, Datamanager, and Graph
applications and used in PROSE PLUS.
PRO/Communications for hard disk provides terminal
emulation, session selection, communications setup, call
services, and file transfer over asynchronous serial
communications links or an Ethernet local area network link.
The communications protocol supported is asynchronous via
serial line or LAT (Local Area Transport) via Ethernet.
Functions available within terminal emulation include send
text file, terminal status report, autoprint, user defined
keys, log file read and write, and clipboard read, write and
log.  VT100 ANSI compatible, VT200 mode, seven bit controls,
VT200 mode, eight bit controls and VT52 mode, ANSI
incompatible are all supported.
Optional hardware includes the Telephone Management System
(TMS) and the Mini-Exchange.
PROSE PLUS is a compound document processing software
application for the Professional 300 Series system.  This
product allows the user to merge both text and graphics into
a single document which can be displayed on the monitor,
printed, or transferred to another Professional system.
PROSE PLUS supports immediate display of the effects of all
text editing functions such as bold, underline, and right
margin justification, as well as the ability to display the
combined text and graphics document prior to printing.
While editing the text portion of the file, a box is
displayed that corresponds in size to a given graphic to
show the user how much space the graphic will take up in the
final document.  After the file has been finished, the user
can first view it on the monitor, and a print command then
produces a hard copy of what was displayed on the screen.
In picture mode, the PROSE PLUS user can create drawings.
The graphic editor supports four basic object types; lines,
circles/arcs, rectangles and text.  Collections of objects
may be selected and moved, removed, replicated, scaled or
saved for future use.  In addition to the graphic editor,
picture mode supports the insertion of GIDIS format graphic
files which were not created/edited with PROSE PLUS.
Document formatting features include page size definition,
margin setting, page headers, and automatic pagination.
No SPELL checker is supplied with this product.
Following is a list of the manuals you will receive when you
order Media Service Charge Code (EF):
 "Window Manager User's Guide"
 "File Service User's Guide"
 "Calendar User's Guide"
 "Datamanager User's Guide"
 "Spreadsheet User's Guide"
 "Graph User's Guide"
 "Calculator User's Guide"
 "PROSE PLUS User's Guide"
 "PRO/Communications User's Guide"
Notes: Documentation is included on the magnetic media.  It was
created using RUNOFF
and the .MEM files are included.  The documentation on the media does
include graphics tables, charts, or figures, but does include all of
the text
found in the hardcopy version.  If you wish to purchase the
in hardcopy, specify the media service charge code (EF) on your order
Optional hardware includes the Telephone Management System (TMS) and
Mini-Exchange.  This program is also included on DECUS No. VS0112.
Restrictions: PROSE PLUS does not include the spelling checker
Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EF), Fifteen RX50
Diskettes (JL)  Format: P/OS

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Created: December 26, 1998