Pete Siemsen's TECO collection

These files contain a colection of things TECO from DECUS and other sources. Originally, this collection was compiled and submitted to the DECUS Software Library in August of 1989. I then moved from VMS to Unix, and put the Collection into Unix tar files on the anonymous ftp site "". You may find leftover VMSisms.

Andy Valencia's port of Matt Fichtenbaum's TECO (which is in uteco) to System V 3.2. In addition to porting it, and says he's fixed bugs and reformatted the code, so this is a divergent version.
The newest manual for "Standard" TECO, dated May 1985. This manual is newer than what DEC distributes. Also in here are v39 and v40 release notes, describing all kinds of goodies in TECO11 and TECO32, like callable TECO.
Nelson Beebe's TECO that runs within an MS-DOS editor named Epsilon. There's a very nice TECO manual in here if you have LaTeX or a PostScript printer.
Fred Fish's EMACS subset for TECO-11 v35 or higher.
Dale Worley's TECO for use while inside GNU Emacs.
Some notes about the father of TECOs. The real thing is floating around MIT's archives. The last person I know who could find it was Robert Austein MIT Laboratory for Computer Science 545 Technology Square Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 253-7341 (work) (617) 623-5467 (home)
Don Koenig's macros
Ken Lidster's macros and a documentation file that describes TECO initialization and how to customize it.
Best/latest versions of "classic" TECO macros from the rest of the collection.
Matt Fichtenbaum's TECO in C (April 1992) for MS-DOS.
Mark North's TECO for MS-DOS.
TECO stuff from RSTS/E v9.5, thanks to Mark Derrick. Contains 1982 sources of VTEDIT, SQU, etc. with some documentation. I put this stuff in [.MACROS] and organized it there.
Everything I could find in the RSX SIG tapes relating to TECO.
Kelvin Smith's macros for munging BASIC under RSTS, documentation for TECO initialization for RSTS and VMS, and Kelvin's personal VTEDIT with documentation.
TECO entries from the DECUS Software Library. VTEDIT for VAX TPU, video editors for HP and Tektronix terminals, an EMACS-like package for RSTS/E TECO-11, the distribution of TECO-11 v36, more.
Source code for TECO-11 v39 (mixed mode for VMS).
Native mode TECO32 released with VMS 5.0, but built under v4 so it will run under v4.
Bob Ankeney's TECO in 6502 assembly language.
Jim Dempsey's shareware TECO v1.01a (March 1991) for MS-DOS. There's no source code, but there are several macros.
Pete Siemsen's TECO in C, version 146, for VAX/VMS, MS-DOS, AmigaDOS, SunOS, System V Unix on DG Aviion.
Phil Wettersten's conversion of the Standard TECO manual to LaTeX format, still under development.
Matt Fichtenbaum's TECO in C (April 92) for Ultrix and SunOS.
Teco stuff from a VMS SIG CD-Rom disc, 1984-1987. Please send complaints, suggestions, additions, etc. to Pete Siemsen 645 Ohio Ave. #302 Long Beach, Ca. 90814 (213) 433-3059 (home) (213) 740-7391 (work) Internet:
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