The following scarce Verne titles are now available in replica or re-edited formats from the Choptank Press operated since 1995 by Norman Wolcott, a NAJVS member. These Heritage Editions are quality paper­backs with colored heavy duty covers and are superior to most mass
market books. Full descriptions and ordering are available at         or

The Southern Star; or the Diamond Field  George Munro (1884), Seaside Library, (138 pp) replica edition with original colored wrappers. Enjoy one of the better translations in its original format. 6”x9” $20

North against South; A Tale of the American Civil War (424 pp) Sampson Low (1888), replica edition with 65 illustrations from the original edition. Available in two formats: 6x9” $40; 8˝ x 11” (for better viewing of the illustrations) $45, First US publication.

Clovis Dardentor Sampson Low (1897), replica edition (337 pp).with 45 illustrations, original red covers, and a colored illustration on the reverse. One of Verne’s neglected comedic tales. 6x9” $45, First US publication.

Hector Servadac: Travels and Adventures Through the Solar System George Munro (1877, 82 pp) Enlarged replica version of the Seaside Library weekly #43. First US re-publication. The most literal translation with 2 illustrations  8˝ x 11” $15.00

Hector Servadac: Travels and Adventures Through the Solar System George Munro (1887, 554 pp) This version of Hector Servadac is a mammoth work containing (I) An enlarged replica of the Seaside Library edition # 43 as published by George Munro, New York, 1877; (II) A typeset version of the same in large readable type; (III) A new translation of the last 10 chapters from the original French by Norman Wolcott and Christian Sanchez in the literal style of the remainder of the book; (IV) 100 illustrations from the original publications enlarged to 8˝”x11” format. $45

The Blockade Runners; Dual Language Edition Scribners (1873, 119 pp) First publication of a Verne book on Lulu Press in 1995. Re-edited text includes enlarged illustrations and French original as an appendix. First modern dual language Verne book. 8˝ x 11” $9.00

In preparation: The Will of an Eccentric Sampson Low (1900, 410 pp) Republished edition with original green covers and 59 illustrations, 11 point type. 6x9” $45

Proceeds from sales go toward the preparation of future volumes. All Heritage Editions have a Creative Commons 3.0 license permitting reproduction for personal or non-profit use.