The Outline of History by H.G. Wells -- working version.

Part_I.htm contains part I of the complete text Chaps 1-30

Part_II.htm contains part II of the complete text Chaps 31-41

Notes.htm contains the footnotes. Footnotes have indicated for each chapter by brackets [1], [2], etc.

Redactor.htm contains introductory material on the text.

The footnotes are in Notes.htm. Later printed versions omitted the footnotes, but they serve to illuminate the thought processes of the author and the rather flimsy basis for many of the speculations.

The final text has been split into two parts, 1-30, and 31-41 as was done in the first and some later printed editions of the work. This keeps the text to about 1 Megabyte in each portion.

Quote marks have been converted as follows

     right and left quotes in the main text have been converted to the french versions «xx»
     single quotes use the curly quote '
     Done because MSWord destroys right and left quotes on saving to html.
     Also easier to proofread. and PG doesn't like curly quotes.
     Normal quotes can be retrieved using an editor.

The text is presented in html to preserve italics and quotations and to use boldface to identify portions of the document more effectively.

-- have been converted to em dashes.
Dipthongs such as Æ have been used where found.
Commas and periods have generally been placed outside quoted text eg: «text».
     (Personal choice)

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Images: Images may be viewed by clicking on the figure number in the text, or alternately from the list of images supplied.

There are undoubtedly many scanner and typographical errors remaining, although those which have appeared in processing have been removed. The redactor would appreciate notification on any discovered.

N. Wolcott
December 24, 2002