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Shooby Taylor

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Yes, Friends - Lift Every Voice and Sing!

(If you can get inta that - then just sink your teeth into these little morsels of musical mayhem!) :

shbybeg1.wav Shooby scattin' his human-horn head off to "Stout-Hearted Men". Buy It !

shbybeg2.wav Shooby giving us the second of his two thus-far identified scatting styles in "Lights Out". Buy It !

shooby02.wav Another moment of inspired madness from "Lift Every Voice and Sing". Buy It !

shooby03.wav A particularly inspired ending to "Life Every Voice and Sing". Buy It !

shbyend1.wav The joyful conclusion of "Stout-Hearted Men". Buy It!

shbyend.wav Shooby belts out one of the greatest closings ever recorded in the conclusion to "Lights Out". Buy It !

shbyfdly.wav A proven-to-be-effective, sure-fire repellant against household rodents, pests, and undesirable persons, taken straight outta "Lights Out". Buy It !

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