Index of /pub/Linux

INDEX                    Parent directory
INDEX.html               Alternate index format
00-find.Linux.gz         output of find . -name "*" -print
ALPHA/                   software and patches in the ALPHA stage
GCC/                     A port of GNU C and C++ for Linux
Incoming/                Place new uploads here
MIRRORS                  List of sites that mirror /pub/Linux from sunsite
MIRRORS.html             List of sites which mirror this archive (Web friendly)
NEW.Sep29                files moved from Incoming before Sep 29
NEW.Sep29.html           files moved from Incoming before Sep 29
README                   General information on this directory
X11/                     clients,servers,etc. for XFree86, Linux's X11
apps/                    large useful packages and applications for Linux
devel/                   Linux development tools
distributions/           Complete, easily installed linux distribution
docs/                    documents and information about Linux
games/                   fun ways to waste time            Want to sumbit a new file? This is how.
info.for.cdrom.vendors   hints and suggestions for CDROM sunsite distributors
kernel/                  kernel sources and patches
libs/                    Special (non libc) linking libraries
logos/                   proposed logos for the Linux effort
lost+found/              bookkeeping directory
ls-lR.gz                 "ls -lR" of /pub/Linux
ls-lR.html.gz            html'ized daily ls-lR
search/                  various ways to search this archive
system/                  Stuff to help run your system
utils/                   useful utilities
welcome.html             linux archive home page

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