Fortran 90 compilers for the PC
 (Thanks a lot to Clive Page for various information on PC compilers)

 This list was prepared on January 1997, and was partly updated 
 on March 1997, and December 1997, and May 1998


    o  Clive Page from Leicester U. kindly offers a tested 
       package of GNU g77 (Fortran 77 + some Fortran 90 
       enhancements) ready to use on a PC, and suitable for 
       DOS and Windows: 

        Intro doc (12.5 KB) 
        Zipped exe (1.31 MB) 
        Zipped doc (0.36 MB) 

       The files are under 1.44 MB each for convenience.  

       A North American mirror site of Clive's package,
       which is easier to get, especially for people in 
       North America, and maybe anywhere outside Europe:

        USA mirror 

       Two other sites offering a similar package (Thanks
       to Clive for the URLs!):

        Block 5564 

    o  Lahey Computer Systems offers a subset version 
       of its flagship Fortran 90 compiler (LF90).  
       The subset compiler is called ELF90, comes with 
       minimal documentation, and is ready to use in a 
       Windows environment.  
       The subset compiler doesn't contain many "dusty" 
       Fortran 77 features (e.g. common blocks, storage 
       association), all of them replaceable by better 
       Fortran 90 features:

        The ELF page 

       There are good reports on Lahey products.

    o  Imagine1 offers the "F programming language", 
       another rational subset of Fortran 90.
       The version for the Linux PC operating system
       (not including documentation) is free. 
       F is supposed be the true stepping stone 
       to HPF and at the same time replace Basic, 
       Pascal and C for teaching purposes: 

        F for Linux (1 MB) 

       There are trial versions for other platforms, 
       they are also free, but the program size is

        F free/trial compilers (1 MB) 


       (This list was prepared on January 1997, and partially
        updated on May 1998 and January 1999)

       Absoft Pro Fortran 
          Toolsets are available for Win32, Linux [on Intel] and
          Macintosh [PowerPC only], and include:   

          o  F90 compiler which incorporates an extended version 
             of Cray's CF90 front end.
          o  F77 compiler which supports all common workstation 
             extensions and was designed for porting legacy F77 code. 
          o  Complete toolset including IDE, graphics, and 
             BLAS/LAPACK90/HDF libraries.
          o  Windows version is fully link compatible with Microsoft 
             Visual C++.
          o  Full support of Win32API from Fortran, auto build DLLs.
          o  Printed documentation.
          o  Free technical support including phone.

          Absoft Corporation, 
          2781 Bond Street, 
          Rochester Hills, 
          MI 48309 USA
          Voice:   (248) 853 0050 EST 
          Fax:     (248) 853 0108 

       DEC Fortran 90 
          A Windows version called Digital Visual Fortran.
          It is supposed to replace the discontinued buggy 
          Microsoft compiler (Powerstation).

          URL:  (DVF) 

***    EPC 
          has optimizing, native compilers for x86, and other 
          platforms. HPF is also available.


***    Imagine1 F - educational subset (free for Linux!)
          (dusty features removed, for inexpensive F90 learning)
          Imagine1 Inc offers F, the subset language for Unix and 
          Windows that they hope will be the true stepping stone 
          to HPF and at the same time replace Basic, Pascal and C 
          for teaching purposes. The version for Linux is FREE. 

          The F compiler is suitable only if one is using pure F90 
          syntax with none of the older obsolescent F77 features.  
          The price is good - free under certain circumstances!


***    Lahey LF90 
          for:  DOS, Windows including Pentium optimizations and 
                Interacter Kit.
          Lahey has a native LF90 compiler for Windows and DOS 
          Version 3.0 provides an integrated Windows development 

          Lahey has been shipping a native LF90 compiler for DOS 
          since 29 August, 1994. It is particularly well optimized 
          on the Pentium.

          (very fast compilation; excellent reputation for support)
          Good code generation, good diagnostics, fast compilation, 
          and good support are often quoted as reasons why folks 
          liked LCS.

          Lahey Computer Systems, Inc.
          865 Tahoe Blvd.
          P.O. Box 6091
          Incline Village, Nevada 89450

          Phones: (800) 548-4778
                  (702) 831-2500
          Fax:    (702) 831-8123
          BBS:    (702) 831-8023.
          UUNET: Sales
                 Tech support

***    Lahey ELF90 - educational subset  (FREE !!!)
          (dusty features removed, for inexpensive F90 learning)
          A subset language without old features like storage 
          association that is designed for teaching, and is 
          very cheap. In fact, the elf90 compiler itself can 
          be downloaded free from the Web site.

          The ELF compiler is suitable only if one is using pure F90 
          syntax with none of the older obsolescent F77 features.  

          There are good reports on Lahey products.

       Microsoft Fortran Powerstation V4.0 (Discontinued !!!)
          for:  Windows 95
          Microsoft has released its Fortran Powerstation V4.0 that 
          includes f90 for Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95. 
          It is a 32-bit compiler with optimizations for Pentium and 486.
          (various good hooks into windows and such) 


       MicroWay (bad reputation!)
          for:  DOS, OS/2
          NDP Fortran 90 for 386/486, Pentium and 860 is available
          Microway NDP Fortran 90 for 386/486 and Pentium is available

          tel:    (508) 746-7341).

       NA Software F90+ (not recommended!)
          for:  OS/2, DOS/Windows3.1, 
          Fortran 90 Plus on 386/486, Cost-effective personal version 
          for Windows95

          NA Software supplies Fortran 90 Plus on PCs (including 
          Windows 95 and Linux), and other platforms. There is a 
          cheap student version available. They also supply an F77 
          to f90 syntax convertor, LOFT90, as well as HPF.

          "Do not consider the PC compiler from N.A.Software, when I 
          tried it out last year it was by no means good enough for 
          serious use."


          NAG provides a compiler for most unix platforms, VMS and 
          PCs (including Linux). This was the first f90 compiler, 
          released in 1991. The current version is 2.1.  
          The NAGWare f90 Tools are a suite of Fortran 90 tools 
          derived from the same technology as the NAGWare f90 compiler.


          uses F77 as intermediate language

***    Salford FTN90 
          Salford Software markets a PC version of the NAG f90 compiler, 
          direct generation of object code. Also for Windows 95 and NT. 
          A very cheap student version is available.

          "I use the Salford FTN90 at home, and find that it is 
          pretty good: very few bugs or problems, fast compilation, 
          efficient code, and the company seems responsive to 
          questions/problem reports.  There is a special student
          licence, but be warned that you cannot save an .EXE file 
          with this system, you have to recompile each time.  
          This may be ok for class use, but probably not otherwise 
          (even though the compile speed is good).  Salford also 
          give you a library Clearwin+ which allows you to generate 
          good Windows applications - all the usual widgets."


       Salford FULL F95 COMPILER 
          Salford Software Ltd announces FTN95, a full Fortran 95
          compliant compiler for Extended DOS, Windows 3.1 and
          Win32 (NT and 95).  The compiler is delivered as a bundle
          comprising a Win32 Edition and an Extended DOS/Windows 3.1
          edition.  FTN95 compilers are supplied with fully-featured
          IDE, debugger, comprehensive compiler library (which
          includes graphics, operating system access, low-level file
          management, bit-manipulation, sorting, etc.), built-in 32
          bit assembler, linker and Salford ClearWin+ (Salford's
          Windows GUI development library and tools).  Salford FTN95
          will ship in Q1 1997.

          Selected Salford-specific features:

          o  Full support for REAL*10, COMPLEX*20

          o  Compatibility with Salford FTN77:

            - Inline Mnemonic Assembler using CODE ... EDOC.
            - Supports all 'deleted' Fortran 95 features (e.g.  REAL
              DO-loop indices).

          Shipping:             Beta: early January 1997
          First customer ship:  Q1 1997

          Salford Software Ltd      Tel: +44 (0) 161 834 2454
          Adelphi House             Fax: +44 (0) 161 834 2148
          Adelphi Street            WWW:
          Salford, M3  6EN

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