Package Ranish Partition Manager in group Utilities
TitleRanish Partition Manager
Date Entered2009-02-22
DescriptionPartition Manager can: Save and restore MBR; Create and delete partitions; View hard disks' IDE information; Format and resize FAT-16 and FAT-32 file systems; Comes with Advanced Boot Managers.
Whats NewUpdate to package LSM metadata
Keywordsdisk, partition, manager, ranish, fdisk, format
AuthorMikhail Ranish ranish -at-
Maintained byMikhail Ranish ranish -at-
Primary siteGitLab -- FDOS/util/part
PlatformsDOS, FreeDOS
Copying policyPublic Domain
SHA256e91a625db1d95f20d39402b1553ada36811969ab47cdcc05195a3d79b7e2430f (171K)
Alternate VersionsView Ranish Partition Manager - 2.37, Download (170K)