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A note regarding viruses

TuneTree has NOT been infected by any viruses!!
When I say we have been "getting too much SPAM & viruses", that only means that they are being sent to me by email--
NO viruses are actually infecting the server.
Almost all viruses are targeted towards Windoze-based machines, & TuneTree is run on RedHat Linux servers.
In addition, my home machines are also Linux based.
The security model on Linux and Unix machines is such that a virus would not have system access, but only access to the user's personal files.  This is why viruses do not target Linux, and why the ones that do are not very successful nor widespread.

If you receive an email-based virus, such as the Klez virus, which claims to be from my address, the address is SPOOFED!
(ie. the virus put an email from the infected user's addressbook as the "From", and another as the "To"--you)
This really indicates that someone else with both email addresses in their addressbook is infected.
Since TuneTree is open to the public, the email address is in many addressbooks, so you might look to your friends who have your email address stored.

(so just THROW OUT any such files that appear to be from Infoport /TuneTree)

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Sorry for having to make the email address tricky...getting too much SPAM & viruses.