Code Schemes

Code schemes are named by one or more tokens. Case is to be ignored in matching these names. GB, JIS and KSC code schemes may be either Graphic Left (GL) or Graphic Right (GR) encoded, but GL encoding should be used if consistency with the X11R6 distribution is desired.

Accepted values for HBF_CODE_SCHEME in this specification are:

not simply "GB", nor "GB2312". there are many GuoBiao's for hanzi.
any so-called "Big5" bitmap file(s) can be used, but such bitmap file(s) must conform to the Big5 character code standard without vendor-added character code. The Big5 character code scheme has the following valid code ranges for hanzi:
        0xA440-0xC67E for frequently-used hanzi      (5401 chars)
        0xC940-0xF9D5 for less-frequently-used hanzi (7652 chars)
Big5 ETen 3.10
not simply "Big5"; use specifically the bitmap files in the ETen system 3.10 which contains vendor-specific character codes.

Similar specification of other vendors and software versions are acceptable, to provide a more accurate description.

CNS11643-92p1 to CNS11643-92p7
Chinese National Standard of ROC, containing 7 planes.
Unicode 1.1
version "1.1", equivalent to ISO/IEC 10646-1 UCS-2, level 3. Perhaps there will be vendor-specific versions at a later date.
Japanese Industrial Standard
Korean Standard Code (formingly KIPS)
Any additional coding schemes should be discussed on the mailing list "".
Part of Hanzi Bitmap Font (HBF) File Format version 1.1.