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The UltraPenguin distribution

Installation guide for the UltraPenguin 1.1 distribution, a RedHat 5.0 based distribution for SPARC and UltraSPARC based machines.

This distribution, available from Ultra.Linux.Cz is a for both 32bit and 64bit SPARC CPUs. For more information on UltraLinux, see the UltraLinux homepage, for more information on SparcLinux, see the SparcLinux homepage.

Supported Hardware

UltraPenguin 1.1 supports a variety of hardware based on the SPARC architecture.


SCSI interfaces:


Tape drives:

Serial interfaces:

Network interfaces:


Unsupported Hardware:

1. UltraPenguin 1.1 - Installation Overview

2. Console Commands

3. Ramdisk-based Installation Criteria

4. Choosing a Boot Method

5. Choosing an Installation Method

6. Installation Using a Serial Terminal


8. Partitioning

9. Swap Partitions

10. X Window

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