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Mailing lists are available for announcements and discussion if rpmhelp packages at: vmlinuz.ca/listinfo; there are two mailing lists: rpmhelp (announcements) and rpmhelp-discuss (discussion, support, etc.).

Use urpmi to install the files found here. It is much easier and resolves dependencies, etc. for you. Before installing any of these packages, be sure to import the rpmhelp GPG key to root's keyring (and optionally to your own keyring) by using:

# lynx -source http://www.rpmhelp.net/rpmhelp.asc | gpg --import

Now you can use urpmi to add the rpmhelp media by using:

# urpmi.addmedia rpmhelp [url]/[ver]/RPMS with ../base/hdlist.cz

Where [url] is one of the mirrors listed below and [ver] is the version you are interested in (8.2, 9.0, 9.1, ppc/8.2, ppc/9.1, etc.).