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Mark <>

What is it
This is the GNU implementation of the standard C++ libraries, along with additional GNU tools. This package includes the shared libraries necessary to run C++ applications.

It also includes libg++.

Email To
Send bug reports to BOTH AND Please include the version number and a complete, self-contained test case in each bug report.

Solaris Issues
I'm playing devils advocate with these libraries since they are so meshed with the rest of the compiling system. As such I am making the packages refuse to install on a Solaris release they are were not compiled for, whether or not there is actually a technical reason that they can't be moved from O.S. to O.S. As such you should find I'll be providing a package for all the available Solaris releases.

Just remember to pkgrm GNUlibg++ first if you already have that installed.

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Source Code
You can ftp the source code from and

Special Issues
See the main packages README for installation information.