Solaris Package Archive -- GNUbison.1.28

Solaris Package Archive

GNUbison 1.28

Mark <>

What is it
From the man page:
GNU bison is a parser generator in the style of yacc (1). It should be upwardly compatible with input files designed for yacc.

This program is a must-have when doing any development work. It's used extensively by GNU tools and other products.

Email To
Send bug reports to Please include the version number from `bison --version', and a complete, self-contained test case in each bug report.

Solaris Issues
There are no specific OS dependancies compiled into bison to my knowledge. You can choose the version closest to your Solaris release, (i.e. the 2.5 version is suitable for 2.5 and above, and possibly earlier if you are feeling brave and there is no specific earlier Solaris option). Of course if there is a specific version for your Solaris release, install that.

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Source Code
You can ftp the source code from

Special Issues
There are no special instructions for installing or running this software. See the main packages README for installation information.