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What is it
From the man page:
CVS is a front end to the rcs(1) revision control system which extends the notion of revision control from a collection of files in a single directory to a hierarchical collection of directories consisting of revision controlled files. These directories and files can be combined together to form a software release. CVS provides the functions necessary to manage these software releases and to control the concurrent editing of source files among multiple software developers.

CVS keeps a single copy of the master sources. This copy is called the source ``repository''; it contains all the information to permit extracting previous software releases at any time based on either a symbolic revision tag, or a date in the past.

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Solaris Issues
There are no specific OS dependancies compiled into GNU cvs to my knowledge.

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Source Code
You can ftp the source code from

Special Issues
I've found the usage in a production environment to be generally stable, but there has been cases where CVS has "lost the plot" and manual modifications to the CVS control files were necessary. Please keep this in mind.

See the main packages README for installation information.