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GNU patch 2.5.4

Mark <>

What is it
GNU patch is a utility which is widely used to correctly update source code or files from a central master copy. Instead of re-installing the whole kit you often have the option of applying a patch to your files which will bring your code into sync with the remote copy.

GNU patch reads a source (patch) file containing any of the three forms of difference (diff) listings produced by the diff(1) command (normal, context or in the style of ed(1)) and applies the differences to a file. By default, patch reads from the standard input.

patch attempts to determine the type of the diff listing, unless overruled by a -c, -e or -n option.

If the patch file contains more than one patch, patch will attempt to apply each of them as if they came from separate patch files. (In this case the name of the patch file must be determinable for each diff listing.)

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