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GNU screen 3.9.4

Mark <>

What is it
GNU screen 3.9.4 provides you with an ANSI/vt100 terminal emulator, which can multiplex up to 10 pseudo-terminals. On startup, it executes $SHELL in window 0. Then it reads $HOME/.screenrc to learn configuration, keybindings, and possibly open more windows. GNU screen has the ability to detach from your virtual screens and re-attach at a later time.

Email To
Send bug reports or queries to

Upgrading Packages
When upgrading from an earlier GNU screen package, remember to pkgrm GNUscreen before you pkgadd the new version.

Solaris Issues
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Source Code
You can ftp the source code from

Special Issues
You may need to configure your terminal definitiosn to get the most out of GNU screen. See the files in the /usr/local/share/screen directory for more information.

See the main packages README for installation information.