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cdrecord 1.8.24

Mark <>

What is it
cdrecord is a program that enables you to record CDROMs. It comes with a number of utility programs to construct ISO9660 filesystem images which you can then burn to CD with cdrecord and also a program to extract audio data from your music CDs in preparation for making your own compilations etc.

You will need to own a compatible CD-R or CD-RW drive, these are listed on the website. Also documented there is instructions on using the programs and a full complement of CD recording material. For further information visit the cdrecord web site. You might have timeouts accessing the site. Keep trying.
Once you've installed the cdrecord program you will need to install a special SCSI driver from the author to access the SCSI subsystem. Also, there is a driver to allow you to test mount a CD image before you burn it. See the README files at:

There is a mailing list for CD recording in general, the cdrecord program being discussed there a lot. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" to Traffic can be up to ten messages a day, average five per day.

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