distribute 0.6.28 Configuration

distribute 0.6.28 Configuration
Mark <mark@ibiblio.org>

What is it

distribute 0.6.28 is a fork of the setuptools Python utility.

The installation of distribute is controlled by the package subsystem, thus it is quite easy to install and upgrade when new versions become available.

The main web site for the software is https://bitbucket.org/tarek/distribute/overview.

Installation Of The Software

Fetch the package and install it with:
    # pkgadd -d distribute.0.6.28.SPARC.64bit.Solaris.10.pkg distribute

Issues To Be Aware Of

This version of distribute has been compiled against the Python 2.7.3 software. You must install that before installing this software.

Some filenames in this software have had spaces and parenthese removed to follow best practices. The relevant scripts were also updated to refer to the new filenames. A bug was logged against the code but a retard newbie thinks it's not a problem.

Solaris Issues
Each distribute package requires installation on the Solaris release it was built on. Only install the correct version for your system.

Source Code
You can download the source code from http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/d/distribute/distribute-0.6.28.tar.gz

Special Issues
See the main packages README for installation information.