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Mark <>

What is it (from the web page):
freetype 1.3.1 is a clean-room implementation that is not derived from the original TrueType engine developed by Apple and Microsoft. It has been created with the sole help of the published TrueType specifications. Much hard work has been undertaken to solve ambiguities. The end result is a portable and fast renderer.

Note that freetype 1.3.1 is a library. It is not a font server for your favorite platform, even though it was designed to be used in many of them. Note also that it is not a complete text-rendering library. Its purpose is simply to open and manage font files, as well as load, hint and render individual glyphs efficiently. You can also see it as a "TrueType driver" for a higher-level library, though rendering text with it is easy, as demonstrated by the test programs.

Its quality matches these of Windows and the Macintosh, while its memory foot-print and code size remain modest.

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Note that this package was compiled with the X11R6.x software available on this site installed on the production machine. This means that to sucessfully use this software you need to install the X11 package as well, or create some X11 library links as mentioned in the README.

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As previously mentioned, also install the X11R6.4 package to ensure the required libraries are available.

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