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What is it
From the man page:
PBMPLUS is a toolkit for converting various image formats to and from portable formats, and therefore to and from each other. The idea is, if you want to convert among N image formats, you only need 2*N conversion filters, instead of the N^2 you would need if you wrote each one separately.

In addition to the converters, the package includes some simple tools for manipulating the portable formats.

The package is broken up into four parts. First is PBM, for bitmaps (1 bit per pixel). Then there is PGM, for grayscale images. Next is PPM, for full-color images. Last, there is PNM, which does content-independent manipulations on any of the three internal formats, and also handles external formats that have multiple types.

The parts are upwards compatible: PGM reads both PGM and PBM files and writes PGM; PPM reads all three and writes PPM; and PNM reads all three and writes, usually, the same type as it read. Whenever PNM makes an exception and "promotes" a file to a higher format, it lets you know.

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Solaris Issues
No known O.S. dependancies are compiled into pbmplus to my knowlegde. It should be safe to use the Solaris 2.5 issue on later, and possibly earlier, versions of Solaris, (linker allowing).

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Source Code
You can download the source code from

Special Issues
You should also install the tiff package at the same time you install this package. Because the one offered seperately is younger than the one shipping with pbmplus I removed libtiff from pbmplus and had it link to the seperate one. This gives you much newer software with less bugs.

Also the path to the X11 RGB database is setup for use with the X11 packages offered here. If you do no utilize these X11 packages then you should ensure a softlink from /usr/local/X11/lib/X11 points to your X11 library.

Note this software has been superceded by the netpbm package, amongst others. I will be continuing to offer you the choice though. Sometimes you need a function in this package that isn't in the others.

See the main packages README for installation information.