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What is it
qpopper.2.53 is an implementation of the Post Office Protocol server that runs on a variety of Unix computers to manage electronic mail for POP compatible clients, often Macintoshes and MS-DOS computers. Also most web browsers today support POP so this program enables the reading of your email whilst web surfing. The server was developed at the University of California at Berkeley and conforms fully to the specifications in RFC 1939.

This qpopper package also requires that the gdbm package for your machine be installed. This is so the user authentication databases can be created and maintained.

The bulletin feature gives system administrators a way to send important announcements to all POP users without having to do mass mailings.

This package contains four seperate servers, a normal inetd run server, a stand alone server and both a normal and standalone which support the APOP authentication protocol. The installer of the package will have to choose which one they wish to run.

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Solaris Issues
Each qpopper package requires installation on the Solaris release it was built on. Only install the correct version for your system.

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Source Code
You can download the source code from
For more qpopper information visit the qpopper web site.

Special Issues
Please make sure you run the correct qpopper server for your site. Most sites would use the normal qpopper.

See the main packages README for installation information.