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What is it, (from
Tcl is the most powerful and flexible scripting language available today. Created by John Ousterhout in 1988, Tcl has grown rapidly in popularity.

Tcl is an interpreter for a tool command language. It consists of a library package that is embedded in tools (such as editors, debuggers, etc.) as the basic command interpreter. Tcl provides (a) a parser for a simple textual command language, (b) a collection of builtin utility commands, and (c) a C interface that tools use to augment the builtin commands with tool-specific commands. Tcl is particularly attractive when integrated with the widget library of a window system: it increases the programmability of the widgets by providing mechanisms for variables, procedures, expressions, etc.; it allows users to program both the appears and the actions of widgets; and it offers a simple but powerful communication mechanism between interactive programs.

Tcl provides a dramatically easier way to build integration applications ranging from simple graphical user interfaces to complex financial, Web, and management applications Tcl can easily be extended to connect any X to any Y, whether X and Y are existing applications such as database engines, components such as JavaBeans or ActiveX components, protocols such as DCOM or CORBA, or devices such as manufacturing equipment, test equipment, or network switches. Tcl doesn't just connect the components; it allows them to be managed in powerful ways by writing scripts. Tcl's programming facilities are ideally suited to integration tasks, allowing integration applications to be created 5-10x faster than with traditional approaches such as C, C++, or Java. Because Tcl is interpreted, it provides the flexibility to customize and evolve applications as needs change.

The main site for Tcl is

A lot of Tcl resources can be found at:
If you follow the above links you will see there is a LOT of extensions to Tcl and Tk. Sometimes I will require the use of a number of them to meet my requirements, e.g. Itcl is available on this site. However because of the wide variety and depth of the software available it's impossible for me to package everything and offer it here. If I use it, it will be here.

If you intend doing serious Tcl work I recommend you take a good look at TclPro, a development environment for professional Tcl developers. You can get a free evaluation copy.

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Solaris Issues
I've locked each package to the Solaris release it was built on. Only install the correct version for your system.

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Source Code
You can download the source code from

Special Issues
You should also install tk.8.3.0 and expect.5.31.5 when you install this software. (In order of: tcl, tk and expect).

See the main packages README for installation information.