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Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj Visited Sydney, and Fiji 

( 7th May - 14th May 2003)

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Atishay Chandrika Prasad, Sydney

Pujay Maharaj Ji is a very simple and kind person, who speaks from his heart. He very well understands the challenges an individual faces in trying to hold on to his beliefs in todays world.  Shree Maharaj Ji has truely convinced me that religion can be part of one's every day life.

The Amritvani was beautiful, Guru ji filled our heart, mind and body with more love than we had before. The meditation got me relaxed and brought me greater internal peace. Guruji's devotion inspires us all and the look in his eyes as well as his Smile will always be cherished.

I enjoyed the Amritvani very much and the presence of guruji filled my heart with love. He inspires me and he'll always be cherished in my heart.




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