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DOWNLOAD FLV (Video Clip)  150MB      43:23 min


Download Amritvani (Audio - MP3 Format)
  • Amritvani - (MP3 - 24kbps (Size 7.62MB) duration 43:20 sung by Smt. Prem Nijhawan


Learning Amritvani --> DOWNLOAD Interactive Executable Versions

For those who are interested  in AMRITVANI, but cannot read or write HINDI, here are Interactive Executable versions available (Synchronized Audio in Hindi with Text in Indian Languages Script)

In Interactive Amritvani Version - THE TEXT will appear in the Script as per selection. THE AUDIO KEEPS GOING in HINDI WHILE THE TEXT KEEPS MOVING ALONG (synch), making it easy for the learners. All you need is to keep the speakers / headphone on. Users may hear the audio, read & sing fully or Users can opt to hear, read & sing from any part by mouse-click-choice.

While learning, One can also pause & play the audio for a page. Size of each Interactive Executable Version for any script is about 7.2MB

Download & Run with

PLEASE Read DOHA 21 of PAGE 11 as in all Interactive versions.

Hindi Assamese Bengali
Gujarati Kannada Malyalam
Oriya Punjabi Tamil
Telugu Roman - General Roman - Diacritical
(South Indian Dravadian Script)
Roman - Diacritical
(North Indian Script)


Read Amritvani Online  Script in
Bengali Punjabi  

PLEASE Read DOHA 21 of PAGE 11 as in Urdu and Telugu version

Urdu Telugu
Read Amritvani online With Meaning in

English (Roman Script) with Meaning

Hindi with Meaning

Kannad with Meaning

Malyalam with Meaning Nepali (Amritvani in Hindi) with Meaning Punjabi with Meaning
Tamil with Meaningl Telugu (Amritvani in Hindi) with Meaning Marathi (Amritvani in Hindi) with Meaning

For Offline Reading


download Amritvani PDF Format Script in
Hindi  (searchable text version 2) Hindi with Meaning
Assamese Bengali Gujarati
Punjabi Punjabi with Meaning  
Roman - Diacritical
(North Indian Script) 
Roman - General Roman - Diacritical
  (South Indian Dravadian Script)

PLEASE Read DOHA 21 of PAGE 11 as in Kannada, Malyalam, Oriya, Telugu and Tamil versions

Kannada Malyalam Oriya
Telugu Tamil  



e-Book (PDF)

Download e-Book "Hidden Dynamics of RAM NAAM Philosophy Unveiled from SHREE AMRIT VANI" 


Transliteration is done on the basis of using the main language as Hindi with the help of
ileap software developed by CDAC India. You may find some variations  in Script (i.e. way of writing).

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