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Interactive Amritvani Version - Roman Script (General)


 will appear in the ROMAN (General Script)




making it easy for the learners.


All you need is to keep

  the speakers / headphone on.


These are interactive version.

Users may hear the audio,

 read & sing fully


Users can opt to hear, read & sing

 from any part by mouse-click-choice.

While learning 

One can also pause & play the audio for a page.



Learn the key to pronunciation of Words required for this version


Download the Interactive Amritvani in ROMAN Script

( File Size 7.3MB )




Key to pronunciation of Words in Amrit Vaani

A As 'u' in 'u'ncle[except Ram where a = aa]. v
AA As 'a' in 'a'sk. vk
I or YI As 'i' in s'i't.[except vaani where i = ee] b
EE or YEE As 'ee' in s'ee'. bZ
U As 'u' in p'u't. m
OO As 'oo' in f'oo'l.
R As 'r' in 'r'ule. j
E or YE As 'a' in t'a'pe. ,
AI As 'a' in h'a't. ,s
O As 'o' in h'o'pe. vks
AU As 'o' in n'o't. vkS
K As 'c' in 'c'at d
KH As 'kh' in 'kh'aki. [k
G As 'g' in 'g'ame. x
GH As 'gh' in 'gh'ost. ?k
CH As 'ch' in 'ch'arm. p
J As 'j' in 'j'ar. t
T As 't' in 't'o. V
TH As 'th' in 'th'ug M+@<+
T Soft T as used in French. r
TH As 'th' in 'three. Fk
D As 'th' in 'th'is n
D As 'd' in 'd'o. M
DH As 'dh' in 'dh'arma /
N As 'n' in 'n'ice. u
P As 'p' in 'p'ull. i
PH As 'f' in 'f'ull. Q
B As 'b' in 'b'ell. c
BH As 'bh' in 'bh'aji(Indian dish) Hk
M As 'm' in 'm'an e
Y As 'y' in 'y'ell. ;
L As 'l' in 'l'ight'. y
V or W As 'v' in 'v'oice. o
SH As 'sh' in 'sh'out. 'k
S As 's' in 's'low[except in Sri where s = sh ]. l
H As 'h' in 'h'e. g
N As 'n' in fa'n'cy(half-nasal sound). ] a


Download the Interactive Amritvani in ROMAN Script


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