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  Hidden Dynamics of RAM NAAM Philosophy 
Unveiled from SHREE AMRIT VANI 
 (Authored by  Sri Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj) 



Golden Words by Pujya Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj



Amritvani scripted by Pujyapad Swami Satyanand ji Maharaj, neither needs introduction nor commentary.  He claims that the Holy Work has been scribbled on promptings from the Lord Himself.

            Dr. Gautam has unveiled the capability and mightiness hidden beneath it to bestow not only immortality on simple chanting of Amritvani, but also several other attainments written in-between the lines.  The very first glimpse of it gives the impression that it is not a document but a monument structured by Gautam.

            Amritvani is the eternal vani/voice of love, devotion, knowledge and strength.  If Amritvani is to be described in one word, it is Satchitanand: truth, knowledge and bliss.

            While decoding the hidden philosophy lying beneath the beautiful verses of “eternal words” of Param Pujya Swami Satyanand ji Maharaj, Dr. Gautam Chatterjee has very successfully been able to endorse that Amritvani is not only the healer of all ills but also the greatest religious text to beget bliss.  Reading, chanting and dwelling upon the stanzas containing noble and elevating thoughts in Amritvani help very much to prepare our minds for Japa and meditation.

            Every true sadhak must develop a prayerful attitude.  Amritvani as a heavenly hymn is the eternal companion of us on which we can unfailingly depend at every stage of life.  Whenever we feel weak, Ram Naam is the ready source of strength and inspiration.  In time of severe trials and tribulations, turmoil, weak moments and during sickness, which no human being can altogether avoid or escape, Ram Naam is the sure panacea or remedy for all kind of ailments and woes.  We should also chant Amritvani or Ram Naam during our happy times to express our love, gratitude and devotion to Him and reflect the same in all the beings who are around us they are none but embodiment of the Lord Himself.  Lord’s name is our friend or sakha during rainy days and He is our fair weather companion as well.  None can step ahead without Him.   He is our spiritual friend, philosopher and guide.

            As we are the followers of Bhakti or Prem Marg, singing the glories of almighty is our primary method.  Remembering Him as all loving, benevolent and blissful Sri Ram with love and dedication can lift the devotee to the highest stage of bliss and ecstasy, indeed even to the highest level of samadhi.  Every fraction of time contains wisdom.  We should not only verbally recite Amritvani but also internalize it as an applied sacredness in our daily life.

Amritvani teaches us that “depth of spiritual experience can be reached by Japa of the sacred name”.  To simply experience the blissful peace and joy of consciousness of God’s presence, a sadhak can start with Japa that slightly sounds like a whisper.  Later it will refine itself into an echoing repetition silently in the mind in an involuntary manner.  As a result of continuous practice of chanting the mantra, the mind becomes steady and concentrated and finally we feel the presence of God.  Then there will be no limitation of consciousness of time and space.  The constant practice of Japa in this method will surely bring eternal peace, bliss and salvation.

            Dr. Gautam Chatterjee’s endeavour to fathom the oceanic depth of Amritvani, remains a lifetime effort which transforms these writings into a monumental work.  It will surely inspire one and all and motivate everybody to chant Ram Naam and live their lives more meaningfully.

            To get the taste of what is in store in this book, I would like to quote Gautam’s own words which reveal how Ram Naam is Mangal Dhaam.

Most benefic abode or vaikunth is name of Ram.
Assures growth and all round progress who seeks Him with utmost dedication.
None of the evil force can disturb the Naam Sadhak.
Glory of this and the other world meets with His name.
Assures peace to all seekers like a child on the lap of mother.
Lighter we become as we intensify the chant within.

Doubts would never haunt those who surrender to Him.
Himalaya of the celestial kind is the Ram Naam Dhaam.
Allows to experience the Heaven, right on this earth.
Also, bestows Salvation and the final beatitude… paramgati, paramdhaam.
Melts the ego which otherwise stops our growth. It provides an egoless flight.”

            May this spiritual picture of Amritvani, as drawn by Gautam be found interesting, instructive, illuminative and invaluable in understanding the glory of Ram Naam.

Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj 
29th July 2008  

e-Book by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee (PDF - 227 Pages) 

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