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Message of Pujya Maharajji for New Yuga - Millennium

Dearest Sadhaks

A Very loving Jai Jai Ram to all of you, May Shree Ram Bless you with all the happiness, peace, bliss, prosperity and eternal joy in the coming year and the years to come in the New Millennium.

It is the advent of the New Yuga and many more will come. But we must all know that we are a part of that Great ALMIGHTY, ALL Loving Eternal, Indivisible Spirit. When we realize this then all boundaries and barriers of "Time" and "Space" get demolished and we are united with one and all with bond of love, faith and trust. So lets start the New Millennium with freshness of faith, freshness of trust and freshness of love.

Let love be the theme of the New Millennium as it conquers all hatred, harshness and resentment, It wipes out all pride, ambition and vanity and it removes the lust for praise, honor and recognition. As true love knows only to give and not to ask for anything. So think and work on this concept of true love.

God, who is the embodiment of love, accepts the worship only of a loving and a kind heart. So make your life more meaningful by serving the people who are suffering and are oppressed. Do not harbor hatred or resentment in your heart. Try to distribute cheerfulness all around with your thoughts, words and deeds and become worthy of Shree Rams's blessings.

Gurudev often used to say 

"Let me not be the cause of any inconvenience or pain to anybody".

May Shree Ram strengthen your love for HIS "NAME" and love for HIS "Beings".

Wishing you all a very happy NEW YEAR.

Let there be CHRISTMAS in our heart EVERYDAY.


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