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Visit Report of 

Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj 

Chennai, Bangalore and Kerala

(04-05-2001 to 10-05-2001)

TALK delivered by



during his visit to the Anand Ashram, Kanhan Gad, North Kerala (South India)


on 8th May, 2001


Param Pujya Maharajji, blessed the people of South India by holding Satsang in Chennai and Bangalore.

Satsang in Chennai was held on 4th of May 2001. Two Satsang were held in Bangalore on 5th and 6th of may at Chinmaya Mission Hall and C.M.P. Centre respectively.  The Satsang held in Bangalore consisted of Amritvani Sankirtan along with discourses by Pujya Maharaj Ji.  Stating several examples he emphasized on the importance of Bhakti. Maharajji explained that  education once gained is not continued in next birth (a doctor has to go through basics, schooling to teach the same level in his next birth, same for others) but Bhakti attained is carried on to the next births.

After satsang in Bangalore Pujya Maharajji left for Anandashram, an Ashram situated in the heart of Kerala. Anandashram which was founded by Swami Ramdasji is now headed by Swami Sachidanandji. Chants of 'Om Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram' can be heard here all the time. During Pujya Maharajji's stay here, Amritvani Sankirtan, bhajans and discourses by him were held everyday. Here, in simple and inspiring way, Pujya Maharaj ji explained the importance and glory of devotion or Bhakti and cited the love of Gopis and mata Yashodha for Krishna as true love.

Pujya Maharajji left Anandashram for Delhi on 10th of May.


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