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       BY : Shree Swami Satya Nand Ji Maharaj


A treasure of nectarous utterances that will immortalize any one who reads and recites this Song Celestial (with faith and reverence).


I bow before Sri Ram, who is vested with all powers!

I bow before the source and reservoir of all powers!

I bow and seek shelter with the Supreme Soul, Sri Ram!

I dedicate and surrender myself unto Him!

‘Parmaatmaa’: The Supreme soul.


Key to pronunciation of Words in Amrit Vaani

A As 'u' in 'u'ncle[except Ram where a = aa]. v
AA As 'a' in 'a'sk. vk
I or YI As 'i' in s'i't.[except vaani where i = ee] b
EE or YEE As 'ee' in s'ee'. bZ
U As 'u' in p'u't. m
OO As 'oo' in f'oo'l. Å
R As 'r' in 'r'ule. j
E or YE As 'a' in t'a'pe. ,
AI As 'a' in h'a't. ,s
O As 'o' in h'o'pe. vks
AU As 'o' in n'o't. vkS
K As 'c' in 'c'at d
KH As 'kh' in 'kh'aki. [k
G As 'g' in 'g'ame. x
GH As 'gh' in 'gh'ost. ?k
CH As 'ch' in 'ch'arm. p
J As 'j' in 'j'ar. t
T As 't' in 't'o. V
TH As 'th' in 'th'ug M+@<+
T Soft T as used in French. r
TH As 'th' in 'three. Fk
D As 'th' in 'th'is n
D As 'd' in 'd'o. M
DH As 'dh' in 'dh'arma /
N As 'n' in 'n'ice. u
P As 'p' in 'p'ull. i
PH As 'f' in 'f'ull. Q
B As 'b' in 'b'ell. c
BH As 'bh' in 'bh'aji(Indian dish) Hk
M As 'm' in 'm'an e
Y As 'y' in 'y'ell. ;
L As 'l' in 'l'ight'. y
V or W As 'v' in 'v'oice. o
SH As 'sh' in 'sh'out. 'k
S As 's' in 's'low[except in Sri where s = sh ]. l
H As 'h' in 'h'e. g
N As 'n' in fa'n'cy(half-nasal sound). ¡] a





The Descent of God's Grace

Descent of Ram's Grace; Blessings of Sri Ram on the devotee; Showering of Sri Ram’s Compassion and Benevolence.

‘Kripaa’: Compassion, Benevolence.

Param-Kripaa Suroop Hai,

Param-Prabhu Sri Ram,

Jan Paavan Parmaatmaa,

Param-Purush-Sukhdhaam. ...1.

Most beauteous form of Formless One

Is Face of Grace of God Shri-Ram,

Shri-Ram the Great, Purifier of Men,

First One, High Home of Peace and Calm.

The Supreme Master- Sri Ram, is an incarnation of boundless compassion and grace. As the Supreme Soul that sanctifies one and all, Sri Ram is the ultimate abode of (peace and) happiness.

‘Param’: Supreme.  ...1

Sukhdaa Hai Shubhaa-Kripaa, 

Shakti Shaanti Swaroop,

Hai Gyaan Aanandmayi, 

Ram-Kripaa Anoop. ...2.

The Blessed Grace is giver of health,

The sources of Strength, alcove of calm,

Vehicle of wisdom, bestower of bliss,

Unique descent is Grace of Ram.

Sri Ram is the incarnation of Supreme Grace. He is inherently and essentially a provider of real peace, happiness and well - being. An inexhaustible(endless) fountainhead of unparalleled grace, love and benevolence, knowing Him grants us strength, wisdom, bliss and peace.

‘Roop-Swaroop’: While the form(roop) of ornaments may be a necklace, bangle or earrings, their element(swaroop) is gold. Similarly, the visible form of sugar is granules, cubes or powder, yet its essence is sweetness, that is, sugar is inherently sweet in every form. ...2

Param-Punya Prateek Hai

Param-Eesh Kaa Naam,

Taarak-Mantra Shakti-Ghar, 

Bijaakshar Hai Ram. ...3.

The Name of Lord of Love Shri-Ram

Is highest and the holiest Word,

The saving mantra, sanctum of shakti,

Shri Ram's the most sacred Seed-Word.

God's name symbolizes supreme sanctity and divinity. 'Ram-Naam’, the storehouse of Omnipotence, guarantees deliverance from the mortal bondage leading to salvation.

‘Mantra’: The sacred word (or group of words) endowed with exceptional powers through a process of constant meditation. ‘Mantra’ ought to ennoble, enlighten and liberate the human soul from the mortal bondage(physical prison-human life).

'Bijaakshar': The core constituent of 'RAM' is formed by the unison of 'R' of 'Agni', 'A' of 'Surya', 'M' of 'Chandra' - the three essential cosmic elements (fire, sun, moon). ...3

Saadhak-Saadhan Saadhiye, 

Samajh Sakal Shubh-Saar.

Vaachak-Vaachya Ek Hai

Nishchit Dhaar Vichaar. ...4.

Knowing this secret of secrets of all,

With faith, devotees repeat the Name,

That That and This, in-fact, are one,

Are one, indeed, the Named and the Name.

O Saadhak ! Undertake spiritual practices in the full knowledge of the fact that Ram-Mantra is the nucleus of all that is Good. Let there be no doubt that the devotee who remembers (‘saadhak’) and the object of remembrance(‘saadhya’), one who contemplates and the object of contemplation, the speaker and the subject matter of speech are indeed one and the same. ...4

Mantramaya Hee Maaniye, 

Isht Dev Bhagwaan,

Devaalaya Hai Ram Kaa, 

Ram Shabd Gun Khaan. ...5.

Believe! The Lord of Love Shri-Ram

Is all replete with name Ram-Ram,

And Sacred Temple too of Ram

Is full of virtues, this Word, Shri-Ram.

Know it without any doubt that your chosen deity- Sri Ram is inherent in Ram-Mantra and abides therein as the origin, source and unfathomable (that cannot be measured) reservoir of all the virtues. ...5
Ram-Naam Aaraadhiye, 

Bheetar Bhar Ye Bhaav,

Dev-Dayaa Avtaran Kaa, 

Dhaar Chaugunaa Chaav. ...6.

With deep devotion and faith within,

Mediate upon the Name Ram-Ram,

And with a child-like trust await

Descent of Grace of God Shri-Ram.

Engrossed in these lofty thoughts and with a heart passionately longing to be blessed with divine grace, focus your fond attention on the profundity and glory of Ram Naam. ...6
Mantra Dhaarnaa Yon Kar, 

Vidhi Se Le Kar Naam,

Japiye Nishchaya Achal Se,

Shakti-Dhaam Sri Ram. ...7.

From right Teacher learn right technique

Of right repetition of right Name,

And then mediate with greatest faith

Upon Shri-Ram's most vital name.

After proper initiation (Naam-Deeksha), undertake constant recitation of Ram-Mantra with unwavering concentration and full faith in the fact that all the powers dwell in and emanate (originate ) from Sri Ram - the Source of Energy.

‘Mantra-Dhaarnaa’: Focussing attention on ‘Mantra’ only.

‘Jap’: Recital of Ram-Naam keeping in mind its true meaning. ..7

Yathaa Vriksha Bhee Beej Se,

Jal-Raj Ritu-Sanyog,

Paa Kar, Vikse Kram Se, 

Tyon Mantra Se Yog. ...8.

From seed in earth as grows a tree,

Slowly by help of elements three,

Sun, air, water- in similar way,

Name's seed grown up into Yoga's Tree.

Just as the seed getting conducive environment of earth, water and suitable weather gradually gets transformed into a tree, likewise contemplation of Ram Mantra with faith and devotion leads to higher spiritual attainments.

‘Mantra-Yog’: A spiritual practice whereby recitation of ‘Mantra’ leads to God - realization. In short, faith, ‘dhyaan’ and 'Samaadhi’ in unison with ' Mantra ' result in ‘Mantra-Yoga’. It follows 'Naam-Jaap' performed with complete devotion and faith. ...8

Yathaa Shakti Parmaanu Men,

Vidyut-Kosh Samaan,

Hai Mantra Tyon Shaktimaya, 

Aisaa Rakhiye Dhyaan. ...9.

Within an atom as is hidden

Of latent power, a great treasure,

A secret Shakti is thus locked up

Within the mantra, of this be sure.

Our faith in the effectiveness of the ‘Mantra’ should be akin to the firm belief in the atom being the repository of limitless energy or the powerhouse being the inexhaustible storehouse of power. [A sure remedy for the unwholesome human passions, 'Ram Mantra' absolves our sins and elevates and edifies by inspiring noble thoughts.] ...9
Dhruv Dhaaranaa Dhaar Yeh,

Raadhiye Mantra Nidhaan,

Hari-Kripaa Avtaran Kaa,

Poorn Rakhiye Gyaan. ...10.

Meditate, therefore, on Name, with faith

As firm as polar star in sky,

And watch descent O' Shri-Ram's Grace,

With mind so calm, with hope so high.

Contemplate Ram-Naam with absolute faith and know that by doing so Sri Ram’s grace and blessings will definitely descend on you(the devotee).

‘Dhruv Dhaarnaa’: Mental constancy (Steadfastness) achieved through meditation.

‘Mantra Nidhaan‘: The treasure house of holy and Godly names - the core of all Mantras (Ram). ...10

Aataa Khirdhki Dwaar Se, 

Pawan Tej Kaa Poor,

Hai Kripaa Tyon Aa Rahi, 

Karti Durgun Door. ...11.

As blows with force a fragrant breeze

Into a room through windows, doors,

The Grace is thus ever blowing,

Taking away all ills and sores.

With the opening of the windows, fresh air and light come in and drive away staleness. Likewise, Sri Ram's grace annihilates (finishes) all vices (and blesses us with virtues ) . ...11
Batan Dabaane Se Yathaa, 

Aati Bijli-Dhaar,

Naam Jaap Prabhaav Se, 

Tyon Kripaa-Avtaar. ...12.

Soon as is pressed electric button,

A current at once begins to flow,

So too, by jap*, of name Ram-Ram,

The Grace of Ram descends below.

*Jap is repetition of Ram-Ram

Electric current begins to flow instantaneously following a push on the switch. Likewise, repetition of God's name with devotion blesses us with His Grace. ...12

Kholte Hee Jal Nal Jyon

Bahtaa Vaari Bahaav,

Jap Se Kripaa Avtarit Ho, 

Tathaa Sajag Kar Bhaav. ...13.

Comes rushing down water with speed

As soon is turned a tap, above,

The Grace likewise descends by Jap**,

And fills the mind with faith and love.

** Jap is Repetition of Ram-Ram

God's Grace descends automatically instilling life in our faith as a result of constant Jaap (recitation of Ram-Naam), just as water gushes forth as soon as the tap is turned on. ...13

Ram Shabd Ko Dhyaaiye, 

Mantra Taarak Maan,

Swashakti Sattaa Jag Kare, 

Upri Chakra Ko Yaan. ...14.

Repeat, reflect on Name, Ram-Ram,

Tis sacred word protects from sin,

Awakens vital force lying asleep,

Takes it to the higher chakras within.

With rapt attention meditate upon 'Ram-Naam' believing it to be means of upliftment, ennoblement and salvation. This awakens and leads the Inner Being vertically upward.

‘Chakra’: Yoga mentions eight 'Chakras' in the human body : Moolaadhaar, Svaadhisthaan, Manipoor (Naabhi Chakra), Anaahat (Heart), Vishudh (Kanth), Aagyaa (Trikuti), Bindu (Greeva's top) and Sahasraar ( head).

‘Upri-Chakra’: Aagyaa, Bindu and Sahasraar. ...14

Dasham Dwaar Se Ho Tabhi,

Ram-Kripaa Avtaar,

Gyaan Shakti Aanand Sah,

Saam Shakti Sanchaar. ...15.

Just then does from the Tenth Door,

The Grace of God Shri-Ram descend,

Does bring with it Wisdom and Joy,

And life and song that has no End.

Thereon enters through the tenth gate Sri Ram's Grace that paves the way for divine knowledge, strength, inner bliss and steadiness.

‘Dasham-Dwaar’ : Human body is an entity with nine gates/passages : Two eyes, two ears, two nasal passages, one mouth, two outlets for human excreta. Tenth doorway is invisible and is located higher than the nine doors. ...15

Dev Dayaa Swashakti Kaa, 

Sahasra Kamal Men Milaap,

Ho Satpurush Sanyog Se,

Sarva Nasht Hon Paap. ...16.

'Tis there, in thousand-leaved-Lotus,

Life-Force ascend sand meets the Grace,

And all the sins are burnt away

In presence of His Blessed Face.          

With the blessings of a realized saint-soul(Satguru) and God’s Grace, the devotee's 'Kundalini' merges into the lotus with thousand petals - the Supreme Consciousness - Sahasraar and instantly 'destroys' all evils and sins. In fact, sublimation and salvation of the human soul presupposes God's Grace, devotee’s sincere efforts and will - power, and more importantly, Guru's blessings and patronage. The human soul becomes one with the Supreme Soul. Then the devotee transcends the mind and attains complete enlightenment. ...16

Namaskar Saptak


Kartaa Hoon Main Vandanaa, 

Nat Shir Baarambaar,

Tujhe Dev Parmaatman,

Mangal Shiv Shubhkaar. ...1.

Again and Again I bend low,

Salute to thee, my Lord,

Thou art giver of good,

Happiness and all concord.

In all humility and deference, I prostrate myself again and yet again before Thee, the Provider of benediction, happiness, peace, serenity and auspiciousness.

‘Vandanaa’: Salutation; ‘Mangal’: Benediction; ‘Shiv’: Happiness, Peace

‘Shubh’: Auspicious ...1

Anjali Par Mastak Kiye, 

Vinaya Bhakti Ke Saath,

Namaskaar Meraa Tujhe, 

Hove Jag Ke Naath. ...2.

With deep devotion, humility,

Fore-head on folded hands,

I salute to Thee, O Lord

Of all the worlds and lands.

With folded hands, the head bowed in reverence and the heart overwhelmed with humility and deference, O Lord of the Universe, I salute Thee! ...2

Dono Kar Ko Jordh Kar, 


Mastak Ghutne Tek,


Tujh Ko Ho Pranaam Mam,


Shat-Shat Koti Anek. ...3.

I let my knees to ground,


I clasp my hands, bend, bow,


Accept my salutations, Lord,


Many million times I bow.

With folded hands, kneeling and bowing my head, I pray and pay Thou my most devout obeisance. ...3

Paap-Haran Mangal-Karan,

Charan-Sharan Kaa Dhyaan,

Dhaar Karoon Pranaam Main

Tujh Ko Shakti Nidhaan. ...4.

Saviour from sin, giver of peace,

My mind upon Thy Feet,

I bow to Thee, Thou art

Of strength the source and seat.

Knowing You to be the Redeemer-Benefactor, I bow before Thee, O Omnipotent Lord! ...4
Bhakti-Bhaav Shubh-Bhaavnaa,

Man Men Bhar Bharpoor,

Shraddhaa Se Tujh Ko Namoon,

Mere Ram Hazoor. ...5.

With deep devotion, aspirations,

With heart over-flowing, with love,

With reverence I bow to Thee

Shri-Ram - my Lord of Love.

With a spiritual dedication and a heart full of devotion, reverence and lofty thoughts and complete faith, I bow and remember Thee, my venerable Lord Ram! ...5
Jyotirmaya Jagdeesh He, 

Tejomaya Apaar,

Param Purush Paawan Param, 

Tujh Ko Ho Namaskaar. ...6.

The Light of World, Lord o' Lords,

King O' Glory, Infinite Divinity,

Supreme Being, Holy Spirit,

I pay homage to Thee.

Light of all lights and Fountainhead of all energies, O Supreme Being, that purifies and sanctifies all, I lie before you in deference. ...6
Satya Gyaan Aanand Ke, 

Param Dhaam Sri Ram,

Pulkit Ho Meraa Tujhe, 

Hove Bahu Pranaam. ...7.

Thou art the Highest Abode,

Of truth, Knowledge, Joy, Light!

Salutations to Thee, again, again,

With heart full of delight.                               

Overwhelmed with ecstasy, I bow again and again before Thee, Sri Ram - the sacred Embodiment of Existence - Consciousness - Absolute Bliss ('Satchidaananda').

Here Sri Ram has been hailed as the Supreme Soul who is the Source, Abode as well as the Indweller of all beings, the Imperishable and Infinite 'Brahm - Swaroop'. ...7


PRAATAHA PAATH (Morning Prayer)

Parmaatmaa Sri Ram, Param-Satya Prakaash-Roop,

Param Gyaanaanandswaroop, Sarvashaktimaan,

Ekaivaadviteeya Parmeshwar, Param-Purush,

Dayaalu Devaadhidev Hai, Us Ko Baar-Baar,

Namaskaar, Namaskaar, Namaskaar, Namaskaar.

Amrit Vani 

(Dawn Recitations)

Shri Ram is supreme self, highest truth, light of lights,

Deepest wisdom, greatest joy, omnipotent, one without second,

Lord of all, first one, most merciful, God of Gods -

Salutations unto Him, again and again, again and again.   

The Supreme Soul, Sri Ram, is the matchless, radiant and non-dual apotheosis (divine elevation ) of Absolute Truth, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Immutability (Changelessness) and Eternal Bliss.

In complete humility and deference, I bow again and yet again before God of Gods, Sri Ram- Grace and Compassion Incarnate.

***   AMRIT VAANI  *** 


Ramaamrit Pad Paawan Vaani,

Ram-Naam Dhun Sudhaa Samaani.

Paawan-Paath Ram-Gun-Graam,

Ram-Ram Jap Ram Hee Ram. . ...1.

The Word--Shri Ram - is the holiest Name,

Sweeter than nectar is singing of Name ;

Sacred the praises of Name, Shri Ram,

Repeat Ram-Ram, the Name, Ram-Ram.

'Ram-Naam' blesses the devotees with purity and immortality. The nectar-like holy name of Sri Ram ennobles and edifies and should be recited incessantly (without any pause.) ...1
Param Satya Param Vigyaan,

Jyoti-Swaroop Ram Bhagwaan.

Parmaanand, Sarvashaktimaan,

Ram Param Hai Ram Mahaan. ...2.

The Highest Truth, Deepest Insight,

The Lord Shri-Ram is Brightest Light ;

Supreme Joy, Omni-potent, All,

The Best of all, Greatest of all.

Sri Ram alone is Absolute Truth, Experiential Wisdom, Light, Bliss and Omnipotence. Perfect and Non-Dual, He is the Supreme Soul. ...2
Amrit Vaani Naam Uchaaran,

Ram-Ram Sukhsidhi-Kaaran.

Amritvaani Amrit Sri Naam,

Ram-Ram Mud Mangal-Dhaam. ...3.

Immortal Word is the Word Ram-Ram,

The Spring of Peace, the Fount of Charm ;

The Eternal Breath, The Sweetest Psalm,

Home of Blesings and Bliss, --Shri Ram.

Recitation of Sri Ram's holy name is nectarous (like nectar) and endows the devotees with success, glory, inner calm and bliss. ...3
Amritroop Ram-Gun Gaan,

Amrit-Kathan Ram Vyaakhyaan.

Amrit-Vachan Ram Kee Charchaa,

Sudhaa Sam Geet Ram Kee Archaa. ....4.

The songs sung in His praise are Sweet,

For Him the voices raised are sweet,

The words are sweet said in devotion,

Like nectar is Shri-Ram's adoration.

Singing songs in praise of Sri Ram is most sacrosanct as is cherishing and remembering Him with devotion in any manner or form. ...4
Amrit Manan Ram Kaa Jaap,

Ram-Ram Prabhu Ram Alaap.

Amrit Chintan Ram Kaa Dhyaan,

Ram Shabd Men Shuchi Samaadhaan. ...5.

Thinking, repeating name is sweet,

To sing it in loud refrain is sweet ;

To sit in silence, in mind's retreat,

And listening there to Name is sweet.

Recitation of Sri Ram's holy name sanctifies everything - ‘dhyaan’, ‘saadhanaa’, meditation, contemplation and revelations (answers to the problems appearing during meditation). As the devotee recites 'Ram - Ram', the spiritual significance is felt keenly and subtly; while it is vocal chanting of the word, the Saadhak really meditates and reflects on the spirit. ...5
Amrit Rasnaa Wahee Kahaave,

Ram-Ram, Jahaan Naam Suhaave.

Amrit Karm Naam Kamaaee,

Ram-Ram Param Sukhdaaee. ....6.

The tongue that tells the Name-Ram-Ram,

Is most melodious, full of charm ;

Gather within the wealth of Name,

Giver of highest joy is Name.

Blessed is the tongue that forever remembers 'Ram-Ram'. Indeed, the only significant wealth and righteous deed worth performing consists in constant and sustained recitation of 'Ram-Ram'. This surely bestows lasting inner happiness. ...6
Amrit Ram-Naam Jo Hee Dhyaave,

Amrit Pad So Hee Jan Paave.

Ram-Naam Amrit-Ras Saar,

Detaa Param Aanand Apaar. ....7.

Whoever repeats the name so Sweet,

His soul attains the Immortal Seat ;

*Ram-Nam is sweetest World, behold !

Bestower of Highest Joy Un-told !

* The Name of God

One who contemplates and meditates on Sri Ram-Naam alone achieves salvation. The Supreme Soul is nectar-like and Ram-Naam is the essence of this nectar which fascinates, thrills, elevates and confers eternal bliss.[Amrit-Pad also refers to that state of immortality which is capable of bestowing itself on others]. ...7
Ram-Ram Jap He Manaa,

Amrit Vaani Maan.

Ram-Naam Men Ram Ko,

Sadaa Viraajit Jaan. ...8.

Repeat, my mind, Ram-Ram !

For that is Highest Name,

And seated is ever Shri-Ram

In Temple of this Name.

O Mind! Remember forever the holy words 'Ram-Ram' as the provider of salvation and immortality. Also, be certain that Lord Sri Ram is forever existent in His Name(Ram-Naam). ...8

Ram-Naam Mud Mangalkaari,

Vighna Hare Sab Paatak Haari.

Ram-Naam Shubh-Shakun Mahaan,

Swasti Shaanti Shivkar Kalyaan. ...9.

The Name Shri-Ram brings bliss within,

Removes all ills and saves from sin ;

The Name Shri-Ram is most auspicious,

Welcome, peaceful, good and gracious.

Ram-Naam is a dispenser of bliss, well being and is a positive remedy for all troubles. An auspicious and great omen, Sri Ram-Naam showers peace, prosperity, benevolence and happiness. ...9
Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Vichaar,

Maanie Uttam Manglaachaar.

Ram-Ram Man Mukh Se Gaanaa,

Maano Madhur Manorath Paanaa. ...10.

When comes Ram-Ram Shri-Ram in thought,

"Tis sigh, some good will soon be wrought ;

Then sing Ram-Ram with heart and mind,

You'll sure achieve, what you wish to find.

The Beginning of thought-processes centred upon Sri Ram augurs well. Incessant recitation of Sri Ram-Naam with feeling and devotion soon fructifies and paves the way for God-realization.

‘Madhur Manorath’: God-realization. ...10

Ram-Naam Jo Jan Man Laave,

Us Men Shubh Sabhi Bas Jaave.

Jahaan Ho Ram-Naam Dhun-Naad,

Bhaagen Wahaan Se Visham-Vishaad ....11.

Who seats Ram-Ram within his mind,

To him comes blessings of all kind ;

The notes of name vibrates wherever,

All woes and ills disappear therever.

Installing Sri Ram-Naam in the inmost niche of the heart fills the devotee with sublimity and higher spiritual 'wealth'. Happy tidings marked by good fortune, peace and prosperity visit the place while the agents of gloom, pain and doom depart from where Ram-Naam is uttered.

‘Visham-Vishaad’: The three constituents (’Gunas’) of 'Prakriti'- 'Sattva', 'Rajas' and 'Tamas' stand for happiness and goodness, pain and restlessness, and darkness, negativity and passivity respectively. He who is afflicted with ‘tamas’ gets entrapped in the vicious circle of passivity, apathy and inactivity that are difficult to overcome and defy all remedies. ...11

 Ram-Naam Man-Tapt Bujhaave,

Sudhaa Ras Seench Shaanti Le Aave.

Ram-Ram Japie Kar Bhaav.

Suvidhaa Suvidhi Bane Banaav. ...12.

For restless mind Ram-Ram is balm,

'Tis sweet as honey, brings peace and calm ;

Repeat Ram-Ram, with zeal repeat,

With ease, in time, your needs He'll meet.

Driving away mental agony, the Holy Ram-Naam soothes high-strung nerves and tranquillizes. Our only duty is to recite Ram-Ram with firm faith and devotion. The way to all round success and excellence is paved automatically and the devotee is helped to undertake higher spiritual pilgrimage in a propitious(auspicious) environment. ...12
Ram-Naam Simro Sadaa,

Atishaya Mangal Mool.

Visham-Vikat Sankat Haran,

Kaarak Sab Anukool. ...13.

Repeat the Name-Ram-Ram-

Source of blessings un-told,

Slayer of ill and evil,

Giver of help mani-fold.

O Saadhak! With keenness and complete faith, remember forever ‘Ram-Naam’ - the Provider of invaluable inner peace, comfort, happiness and equanimity, and the Victor who vanquishes agony, anguish and inauspiciousness.

‘Visham-Vikat-Sankat’: Onset of intolerable and terrible difficulties all at once. ...13

Japnaa Ram-Ram Hai Sukrit,

Ram-Naam Hai Naashak Dushkrit.

Simre Ram-Ram Hee Jo Jan,

Uskaa Ho Shuchitar Tan-Man. ...14.

Repeat the Name-'Tis best of acts,

The Name-Ram-Ram-all ills corrects ;

Whoever repeats the Name Ram-Ram,

His body and mind become pure and calm.

Devout recitation of Sri Ram's holy name is the most sacred act that ennobles, elevates and sanctifies, besides cleansing the inner dross (evil) by overwhelming the evil and the evil deeds of the devotee. ...14

Jismen Ram-Naam Shubh Jaage,

Us Ke Paap-Taap Sab Bhaage.

Man Se Ram-Naam Jo Uchaare,

Us Ke Bhaagen Bhram Bhaya Saare. ...15.

When blessed Name awakes within,

The mind is purged of pride and sin ;

Whoever in joy chants name and sings,

His doubts and fears at once take wings.

One whose inner being gets aglow with the Holy Light of Ram Naam no longer suffers the pangs of suffering, adversity, doubt and fear. Anyone who remembers Ram-Naam with devotion, faith and reverence is not bothered by fear and doubt.

‘Taap’: Pain/adversity in the following forms:-

1. Physical and mental - fever, anger, worry, lust, bereavement etc.

2. Afflictions caused by external factors such as thief, scorpion, snake etc.

3. Natural - Earthquake, floods , drought etc.

‘Bhaya’: Fear of misfortune such as loss of life, property or prestige. ...15

Jis Men Bas Jaaye Ram Sunaam,

Hove Vah Jan Poornkaam.

Chit Men Ram-Ram Jo Simre,

Nishchaya Bhav Saagar Se Tare. ...16.

In whom the sacred name is nested

In him Shri-Ram is manifested ;

When Name Ram-Ram in mind appears,

One swims ashore from sea of fears.

He has all his desires fulfilled who consecrates his inmost niche with Sri Ram's holy name. Passionate and ceaseless remembrance of Ram-Ram enables the devotee to attain eternal salvation from the mortal world. ...16
Ram-Simran Hove Sahaaee,

Ram-Simran Hai Sukhdaaee.

Ram-Simran Sab Se Oonchaa,

Ram Shakti Sukh Gyaan Samoochaa. ...17.

Ram-Ram repeat, He helps, does heal,

Giver of health and wealth and weal ;

Repeat Ram-Ram, highest of all,

Giver of peace, wisdom and all.

As the supreme religious practice, recitation of Sri Ram's holy name with devotion and dedication facilitates all round well being and positive attitude. Sri Ram’s constant remembrance is the Highest Act that blesses the devotee with strength, bliss and higher knowledge.

‘Simran’: Remembering Sri Ram - Sri Ram with utmost faith and keenness. ...17

Ram-Ram Hee Simar Man,

Ram-Ram Sri Ram.

Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Bhaj,

Ram-Ram Hari-Naam. ...18.

Repeat, Repeat, my mind !

Ram-Ram Shri-Ram Ram-Ram.

Sing, Sing, Most sacred song-

Ram-Ram Shri-Ram Ram-Ram.

O Mind! Remember forever Sri Ram's Holy name. He symbolizes God, the Purifier. Recite forever ‘Ram-Ram’ as the Name Itself embodies God.

‘Hari’: The Almighty God who overpowers and conquers all evils.

‘Bhaj’: (Ruminate) Remembering God's name in the same manner as the animals enjoy chewing the cud long after having eaten the fodder. Likewise, the devotee should be filled with ecstasy and pure bliss as he fondly and passionately remembers and recollects the majestic name of Shri Ram. ...18

Maat-Pitaa Baandhav Sut Daaraa,

Dhan Jan Saajan Sakhaa Pyaaraa.

Ant Kaal De Sake Naa Sahaaraa,

Ram-Naam Teraa Taaran Haaraa. ...19.

Mother, Father, Relations, Son, Wife,

Wealth, Power, Husband, Friend dear as life,

At death, to help, no one will wend,

Ram-nam alone will save at the End.

As the spirit within prepares to depart from the human body, all the worldly relations and familial bonds prove of no avail. 'Ram - Naam' alone accompanies the Spirit on its onward journey to God's abode and is Its saviour/protector. ...19
Simran Ram-Naam Hai Sangi,

Sakhaa Snehee Suhird Shubh Angi.

Yug-Yug Kaa Hai Ram Sahelaa,

Ram-Bhakt Nahin Rahe Akelaa. ...20.

The Name, Ram-Ram, is all in all,

So near and dear within your call ;

From age to age His Light has shone,

A devotee of Ram is never alone.

O Saadhak! Thy only associate, comrade, friend and well-wisher is Sri Ram's holy name that never forsakes and, indeed, has been with the devotees since the beginning of the universe. In fact, Sri Ram's devout devotee is never lonesome, as His blessings and protection are always available to him. ...20
Nirjan-Van Vipad Ho Ghor,

Nibirdh-Nishaa Tam Sab Or.

Jot Jab Ram-Naam Kee Jage,

Sankat Sarva Sahaj Se Bhage. ...21.

In wilderness, in deep distress,

When all around is death, darkness,

As light of Name Ram-Ram is lit,

Of own accord all sufferings quit.

Be it a desolate and forsaken jungle, an awesome dark night, seemingly endless tribulations and agonies - all these disappear instantly and of their own accord as soon as our inner being is aglow with the Holy Ram-Naam. ...21

Baadhaa Bardhi Visham Jab Aave,

Vair Virodh Vighna Bardh Jaave.

Ram-Naam Japiye Sukh Daataa,

Sachaa Saathi Jo Hitkar Traataa. ...22.

When odds and ends obstruct way,

Enemies abound, jealousies sway,

In Name Ram-Ram seek rest abide,

Comforter, companion, well-wisher, true guide.

The devotee should constantly remember and recite 'Ram- Naam' - the infallible (sure) remedy for enmity, hurdles, resistance or opposition as ‘Jaap’ of 'Ram-Naam ' alone proves to be a dependable friend, benefactor and protector. ...22
Man Jab Dhairya Ko Nahin Paave,

Kuchintaa Chitt Ko Choor Banaave.

Ram-Naam Jape Chintaa Choorak,

Chintaamani Chitt Chintan Poorak. ...23.

When mind is ruffled and finds no rest,

With cares and fears it is oppressed,

Then chant the name in Temple, --Shri-Ram,

Where mind is cured of cares and qualms.

When faced with acute anxiety, unsteadiness and worries , one should remember 'Ram-Naam' that instantly dissolves all the tensions and, instead, provides the desired blessings and gains.

‘Chintaamani’: An imaginary stone that fulfils all desires. ...23

Shok Saagar Ho Umrdhaa Aataa,

Ati Dukh Men Man Ghabraataa.

Bhajiye Ram-Ram Bahu Baar,

Jan Kaa Kartaa Berdhaa Paar. ...24.

When heart is sinking in sea of sorrow,

And mind troubled with thoughts of morrow,

Hold fast your grip on Name's ore,

And steer your ship safe to the shore.

In trying times of overwhelming grief and gloom, take to incessant(non-stop) recitation of 'Ram-Ram '. You will surely come out of the woods (out of danger). ...24
Kardhi Ghardhi Kathintar Kaal,

Kasht Kathor Ho Klesh Karaal.

Ram-Ram Japiye Pratipaal,

Sukh Daataa Prabhu Deendayaal. ...25.

In time of trial, of severest strain,

In deep distress and piercing pain,

Repeat Ram-Ram Shri-Ram Ram-Ram,

Who saves, protects from suffering, harm.

When hopeless calamities and seemingly insurmountable difficulties stare you in the face, you should remember and recite 'Ram-Ram'- the Compassionate Benefactor and Provider, every moment of the day.

‘Klesh’: These are listed as:-

1.'Avidyaa'(Ignorance),2.'Asmitaa'(Vanity),3.'Raag'(Attachment),4.'Dvesh'(Aversion, Envy),5.'Abhinivesh'(Obstinacy, Obsession).

These are also called five Knots of Ignorance that are difficult to get rid off. ...25

Ghatnaa Ghor Ghate Jis Ber,

Durjan Dukhrdhe Leven Gher.

Japiye Ram-Naam Bin Der,

Rakhiye Ram-Ram Shubh Ter. ...26.

When darkest clouds gather around,

When wicked are by, sorrows surround,

Then lose no time but sing Ram-Ram,

Keep ringing the holy rhyme Ram-Ram.

Whenever faced with grave dangers, loathsome people or adverse circumstances, take to incessant recital of Ram-Naam and invoke Sri Ram’s Grace passionately and with complete faith in The Saviour. ...26
Ram-Naam Ho Sadaa Sahaayak,

Ram-Naam Sarva Sukhdaayak.

Ram-Ram Prabhu Ram Kee Tek,

Sharan Shaanti Aashraya Hai Ek. ...27.

Ever comes to help in grave distress,

The Name is giver of all happiness ;

Court on the Name, Ram-Ram, my heart !

The only refuge, repose, resort !

'Ram-Naam' stands by us steadfastly through thick and thin, and helps, comforts, consoles, sustains and offers perfect refuge (shelter) and serenity like none else. ...27
Poonji Ram-Naam Kee Paaiye,

Paatheya Saath Naam Le Jaaiye.

Naashe Janm Maran Kaa Khatkaa,

Rahe Ram Bhakt Nahin Atkaa. ...28.

O Pilgirm on life's journey so long,

Take treasure of Name, Ram-Ram, -along,

The chain of births and deaths cut short,

Who lives Shri-Ram, he wanders not.

Treasure up the invaluable wealth of Ram-Naam, which acts as the guide for the Spirit on its ultimate journey towards salvation. The true 'Saadhak' is always under the constant protection and blessings of Sri Ram, and is never bound by the awesome chains of the Birth - Death cycle from which he gets liberated forever. ...28
Ram-Ram Sri Ram Hai,

Teen Lok Kaa Naath.

Param-Purush Paawan Prabhu ,

Sadaa Kaa Sangi Saath. ...29.

The Lord of Light, Shri-Ram,

Is King of Three worlds wide,

All-holy, Purifier Supreme,

All-Time Companion, and Guide.

Sri Ram is the Supreme Presiding-Deity(God) of all the three worlds(Universe). Himself being the Purest - the Sublimest Sanctifier, Sri Ram blesses His devotees by being with them forever.

‘Teen Lok’: The three worlds namely the physical world-characterized by mortality and ranging between the visible world and the invisible, abysmal and bottomless world beneath the earth; the space; and the heavens that cover and extend up to God’s Abode. ...29

Yagya Tap Dhyaan Yog Hee Tyaag,

Van Kuti Vaas Ati Vairaag.

Ram-Naam Binaa Neeras Phok,

Ram-Ram Jap Tariye Lok. ...30.

Different disciplines, systems of thought,

Renunciations, forest resort --

Without Ram-nam are dust and dream,

Repeat Ram-Ram and cross the Stream.

In the absence of Ram - Naam, even the lofty practices like yagna, worship, meditation, renunciation and hermitage (life of hermits - sanyasins) lose all significance and meaning. In fact, salvation is possible only through ceaseless(endless) recitation and remembrance of 'Ram-Ram'.

‘Yagya’: Action aimed at others' well-being and self- upliftment (altruism).

‘Tap’: Self-imposed discomfort and denial of pleasures in the pursuit of spiritual attainments.

‘Dhyaan’: Withdrawal of mental attention from the world and its concentration on Sri Ram’s Holy name.

‘Tyaag’: Liberation from the physical passions and vices.

'Yagna ', 'Tapa' and ‘Daan’(offerings) are the acts that ennoble the devotees. ' Tyaag' also means ‘Daan’. It implies self-abnegation and renunciation of passions like pride , vanity and the craving (desire) for returns and worldly possessions.

‘Vairaagya’: To completely ignore the physical comforts and conveniences of this world and the life beyond. ...30

Ram-Jaap Sab Sanyam Saadhan,

Ram-Jaap Hai Karm Aaraadhan.

Ram-Jaap Hai Param-Abhyaas,

Simro Ram-Naam 'Sukh-Raas’. ...31.

Self restraint, all self dispassion,

*RAM-Jap indeed is devoted action ;

Ram-Jap is best of moral practices,

Repeat Ram-Ram--giver of graces.

* Repetition of Name

'Ram-Jaap' by itself inherently and sufficiently implies and grants self - control as well as the spiritual wealth that really matters. So, remember the supremely sacred and Provider of Bliss 'Ram - Ram'!.

‘Sanyam’: Control is exercised and achieved by concentrating the attention on a fixed purpose (steadiness of mind ).

‘Abhyaas’: This is achieved through ceaseless and continuous recitation, remembrance and meditation of God’s name (Ram-Jaap and Dhyaan).

‘Aaraadhan’: Singing hymns and songs (Bhajans) to and in the glory of Sri Ram. ...31

Ram-Jaap Kahi Oonchi Karni,

Baadhaa Vighna Bahu Dukh Harni.

Ram-Ram Mahaa-Mantra Japnaa,

Hai Suvrat Nem Tap Tapnaa. ...32.

Ram-jap the noblest of all acts,

Overcomes sufferings, removes defects ;

Recite Ram-Ram--the holiest name,

And walk the way of self-restrain.

Higher and loftier than everything else is Ram-Jaap that overcomes all problems, hurdles, irritants and pains. Ram-Jaap is the most auspicious vow of devotion, meditation and spiritual practice.

‘Suvrat’: Recitation of Ram-Ram in every time, clime and condition. ...32

Ram-Jaap Hai Saral Samaadhi,

Hare Sab Aadhi Vyaadhi Upaadhi.

Ridhi-Sidhi Aur Nav-Nidhaan,

Daataa Ram Hai Sab Sukh-Khaan. ...33.

'Tis the easiest Way to go within,

To Purge the self of fear, care, sin ;

Of power and plenty, in full measure,

Shri Ram is giver of Joy's treasure.

‘Ram-Jaap’ is simple and uncomplicated, easy to practice and cures all ills and troubles - physical, mental and spiritual. ‘Ram-Jaap’ leads to success, strength, affluence and intuitive powers (spiritual and extra-sensory).

‘Ridhi-Sidhi’: Affluence, success. ...33

Ram-Ram Chintan Suvichaar,

Ram-Ram Jap Nishchaya Dhaar.

Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Dhyaanaa,

Hai Param-Pad Amrit Paanaa. ...34.

Bethink Ram-Ram, on Ram Meditate,

Repeat Ram-Ram with firmest faith,

Reflect on Name, Ram-Ram Shri-Ram,

Highest Abode of peace and calm.

Forever contemplate ‘Sri Ram-Ram’ as nothing else deserves thought or concentration! Recite Sri Ram’s holy Name with faith and firm determination to attain the state of Supreme Consciousness, Bliss and Knowledge!

‘Param-Pad’: ‘Brahm Dhaam’- the Ultimate Abode of the Lord of the Universe that remains resplendent by itself irrespective of the Sun, the Moon and the Fire. Once a ‘Jeev Aatman’ - the human soul - enters this Ultimate Abode, it returns no longer to the physical world and is in a state of eternal bliss and ecstasy completely oblivious(forgetful) of and immune to joy and sorrow, decay and extinction. ...34

Ram-Ram Sri Ram Hari,

Sahaj Param Hai Yog.

Ram-Ram Sri Ram Jap,

Daataa Amrit-Bhog. ...35

Highest and simplest Yoga*,

Is in mind, the' rhythmic beat

Of Name, Ram-Ram, Shri-Ram,

Giver of eternal Meet.


The holy Ram-Naam unites the human soul with Sri Ram-the Supreme Soul with ease and without any doubt. So, recite Sri Ram-Ram to attain the nectar of divinity! ...35

Naam Chintaamani Ratna Amol,

Ram-Naam Mahimaa Anmol.

Atul Prabhaav Ati-Prataap,

Ram-Naam Kahaa Taarak Jaap. ...36

Repeat Ram-Ram-Cures every care,

'Tis priceless pearl, beyond compare,

Great in glory, influence wide,

Repeat Ram-Ram--the' truest Guide.

Ram-Naam is a jewel that is invaluable, unique and incomparable in its effectiveness and limitless power. While the profundity, grace and majesty of the holy Ram-Naam cannot be overestimated, it helps the devotees in getting salvation(‘Moksha’- deliverance of the soul from the human bondage). ...36

Beej Akshar Mahaa-Shakti-Kosh,

Ram-Ram Jap Shubh-Santosh.

Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Ram Mantra,

Tantra Beej Praatpar Yantra. ...37.

Seed-word is "Ram", store house of powers,

Ram-Jap gives peace, blessings showers,

The vital, mystic mantra, ** Ram-Ram,

Is vehicle of Grace of God--Shri-Ram.

**Powerful name or word

Ram-Naam embodies the source and reservoir of power and strength, bestows contentment and fulfilment and is the primary impetus (driving force) behind the occult (supernatural, magical and mystical phenomena). Sri Ram pleases all, disappoints none, and is the most effective talisman against evil designs and deeds. What is not obtained through the benign benediction of Sri Ram cannot be realized from anyplace or anyone else.

‘Tantra’: Principles of Tantric Science (Occult). Various methods of achieving occult powers.

‘Yantra’: Talisman; ways of achieving results through ritualistic performance of sacred and realized ‘mantras’. ...37


Beejaakshar Pad Padma Prakaashe,

Ram-Ram Jap Dosh Vinaashe.

Kundalini Bodhe, Sushmanaa Khole,

Ram Mantra Amrit Ras Ghole. ...38.

The 'seed-word' flowers to Lotuses within,

Ram-jap purges the mind of sin ;

+Kundalini awakens, ++shushmana opens,

when nectar drips, as name is taken.

+Serpent power

++Capillary passage in the spinal cord through which the awakened serpent power rises up.

Ram-Naam awakens the metaphysical energy centres located within us, smothers (curbs) lowly vices, awakens ‘Kundalini’(spiritual energy) and accelerates the flow of energy in the ‘Sushmanaa Naadi’. Ram-Naam fills our inner being with celestial bliss and pure joy.

‘Kundalini’: Serpentine/coiled up spiritual energy that lies dormant at the root of the spinal column in the midst of ‘Moolaadhaar Chakra’.

‘Sushmanaa’: Located in the Kamal Naadi that is ensconced by Ingla - Pingla Naadis. On being awakened, ‘Kundalini’ flows upward through ‘Sushmanaa Naadi’. ...38

Upje Naad Sahaj Bahu-Bhaant,

Ajpaa Jaap Bheetar Ho Shaant.

Ram-Ram Pad Shakti Jagaave,

Ram-Ram Dhun Jabhi Ramaave. ...39.

When Tunes and notes arise within

Ram-Nam's repetation calms there-in ;

As name Ram-Ram is sung, re sung,

Shri-Ram's great power within's sprung.

Ram-Naam facilitates divine revelations and bestows the gift of soundless echo. While the devotee is filled with perfect calm and quietude, he also experiences the beginning of uninterrupted recitation of holy ‘Ram-Ram’ without making any conscious effort. As the devotee’s heart and soul are finely tuned in to the divine and sublime Ram-Naam, the various spiritual powers that lie asleep within are also awakened.

‘Naad’: Subtle metaphysical/divine sound audible to the devotee during meditation. ...39

Ram-Naam Jab Jage Abhang.

Chetan-Bhaav Jage Sukh Sang.

Granthi Avidyaa Toote Bhaari,

Ram-Leela Kee Khile Phulwaari. ...40.

When rings the Name without a break,

Does calmly consciousness awake ;

The ignorance-knot is cut asunder,

Open garden-gates of God's Wonder.

Constant recital of Ram-Naam awakens us to the truth: ’I am the Soul’ with great sense of joy, as opposed to the illusion born of ignorance ‘I am the Body’. Indeed, the bright light of Ram-Naam dispels the dark clouds of ignorance filling our inner being with abiding ecstasy and bliss. ...40

Patit-Paawan Param-Paath,

Ram-Ram Jap Yaag.

Safal Siddhi Kar Saadhnaa,

Ram-Naam Anuraag. ...41.

The sacred Fire of Name's rhythm,

Uplifts sinners, purifies ;

Follow the path of Name's Love,

One path that sanctifies.

Invocation of Ram-Naam with devotion, faith and passion fructifies our spiritual practice (yields the desired result) by cleansing and edifying us morally and spiritually. ...41
Teen Lok Kaa Samjhiye Saar,

Ram-Naam Sab Hee Sukhkaar.

Ram-Naam Kee Bahut Bardhaaee,

Ved Puraan Muni Jan Gaaee. ...42.

O Praise Peace-giving Name Divine,

With which the Three Worlds do shine ;

The praises of the Name #rishis ring,

##Vedas, +Puranas and sages sing.

# Seekers of Truth

##,+ Sacred Books of the East

The Provider of CALM and HAPPINESS, Sri Ram epitomizes (representing another in miniature form) the Soul of the Universe. The ancient scriptures, sages and saints have rightly sung praises of Sri Ram-Naam’s Glory and Grandeur.

‘Teen Lok Kaa Saar’: Epitome of the three worlds (Universe).RAM is formed by the unison of ‘R’of 'Agni'(place for agni-fire is earth),‘A’ of 'Surya'(place for sun is in the heaven) and ‘M’ of 'Chandra'(place for moon is the space between the earth and the heaven).

‘Muni’: One who remains engrossed in God’s remembrance. ...42

Yati Sati Saadhu Sant Sayaane,

Ram-Naam Nish-Din Bakhaane.

Taapas Yogi Sidh Rishivar,

Japte Ram-Naam Sab Sukhkar. ...43.

With Self control and self-restraint,

Savants, sages, each ++sadhu and saint,

+++Yogis, rishis and ascetics calm,

Mediate, each day, on Name Ram-Ram.

++ Men of God

+++ those united with God

Songs of praise are sung in the glory of Sri Ram-Naam, all the time by one and all. The ascetic, the devout and the faithful wife, sages, hermits and even the realized saints beseech the blessings, grace and benediction by reciting Ram-Ram.

‘Yati’: One who exercises complete control over his senses.

‘Sati’: Spouse (wife) with resolute fidelity in action as well as thought.

‘Sidh’: One who has attained spiritual powers. ...43

Bhaavanaa Bhakti Bhare Bhajneek,

Bhajte Ram-Naam Ramneek.

Bhajte Bhakt Bhaav-Bharpoor,

Bhram-Bhaya Bhed-Bhaav Se Door. ...44.

With deep devotion the devotees sing,

Ram-Ram so sweet and enchanting ;

Faith filled, without envy and doubt,

With feelings sing Ram-Ram devout.

Those used to singing devotional hymns revel and become ecstatic (divinely happy) in reciting Sri Ram’s adorable ‘Naam’ and rise above the common pitfalls (weaknesses) of fear, doubt and bias (discrimination). ...44
Poorn Pandit Purush-Pradhaan,

Paavan-Param Paath Hee Maan.

Karte Ram-Ram Jap-Dhyaan,

Sunte Ram Anaahad Taan. ...45.

Men wise, and learned, at the top,

Knowing how sacred is Ram-Jap ;

Repeat Ram-Ram and go within,

Listen to Music of name there-in.

The ‘Pundits’ (experts), pioneers and prominent people concentrate their thoughts and attention on the glory of ‘Ram-Ram’ considering Its recitation to be the most auspicious. Devout, passionate and daily recitation and remembrance of Sri Ram along with meditation on His Holy Name blesses the devotees, who are filled with divine ecstasy as soon as subtle and soundless, non-stop and spontaneous recitation of Ram-Ram begins within.

‘Anaahad Taan’: Sound originating in the fore part of the tongue is called ‘Vaikhri’; in the throat as ‘Madhyama’; in the heart as ‘Pashyanti’; in the navel as ‘Para-vaani’.;

'Pashyanti Naad' is known as 'Anaahad Naad'. Soundless remembrance 'Ajpaa Jaap' of Sri Ram takes place in the heart as ‘Anaahad Naad’. ...45

Is Men Surti Sur Ramaate,

Ram-Ram Swar Saadh Samaate.

Dev Devigan Daiv Vidhaataa,

Ram-Ram Bhajte Gantraataa. ...46.

Absorbed in This angles remain,

Sit saints engrossed in Shri-Ram's Name ;

Goddeses and Gods, Deities and Fates,

Adore Shri-Ram--the Saviour Great.

Deeply engrossed in the remembrance of holy ‘Ram-Naam’, the fond devotees, godmen and sages – all enjoy being in a state of bliss and divine ecstasy. As a matter of fact, the gods and goddesses, the blessed souls that live in the Higher World (Heaven), nay the Creator and the Preserver themselves invoke and remember ‘Ram-Ram’, signifying that the followers of different sects such as ‘Vaishnavas’, ‘Shaivas’ and ‘Shaaktas’ alongwith worshipping their personal deity remember and recite ‘Ram-Ram’.

‘Sur’ : angels/gods like Indra.

‘Dev’ : Brahma, Shiva.

‘Devigan’ : 'Saraswati', 'Lakshmi', 'Paarvati'(Symbols of knowledge, wealth, power/ Energy).

‘Daiv’: Denizens (Inhabitants) of Heaven.

‘Vidhaataa’: The Creator

‘Gantraataa’ : Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Ganapati. ...46

Ram-Ram Suguni Jan Gaate,

Swar-Sangeet Se Ram Rijhaate.

Keertan-Kathaa Karte Vidwaan,

Saar Saras Sang Saadhanwaan. ...47.

The gifted singers sing Ram-Ram,

With music, Melody please Shri-Ram ;

The learned men of self control,

Sing sweet Name, Its virtues extol.

Men of nobility and rectitude (moral uprightness) please Sri Ram through devotional and soulful hymns sung in His glory. The scholars and the knowledgeable persons expound His glory and the devotees go ecstatic in idolizing and highlighting the sweet essence and significance of the holy ‘Ram Naam’. ...47
Mohak Mantra Ati Madhur,

Ram-Ram Jap Dhyaan.

Hotaa Teeno Lok Men,

Ram-Naam Gun-Gaan. ...48.

With rapt attention repeat,

Sweetest, enchanting Word ;

Praises of Name, Ram-Ram,

Throughout Three worlds are heard.

The recital of and meditation on the holy Ram-Ram is highly satisfying, ennobling and edifying. In fact, the whole Universe is resonant with(echoes) the qualities and glory of divinely vibrant ‘Ram-Naam’. ...48
Mithyaa Man-Kalpit Mat-Jaal,

Mithyaa Hai Moh-Kumad-Baital.

Mithyaa Man-Mukhiaa Manoraaj,

Sachaa Hai Ram-Ram Jap Kaaj. ...49.

In-vain philosophies and religions,

In-vain attachment to mind-made regions,

Mind's flights and heights are all in-vain,

Worth-while alone-repeat the Name!.

Illusory (deceptive) and ephemeral (short-lived) are the sects and beliefs that originate in vanity, self-glorification and selfishness. It is also illusive and undesirable to live in the make - believe (unreal) world of impulses and unbridled (uncontrolled) passions.

Only the act of remembrance and recitation of Ram-Naam is the complete truth. ...49

Mithyaa Hai Vaad-Vivaad Virodh,

Mithyaa Hai Vair Nindaa Hath Krodh.

Mithyaa Droh Durgun Dukh Khaan,

Ram-Naam Jap Satya Nidhaan. ...50.

Of what avail discussion, debate,

Of what avail enmity and hate ;

Ill will, ill words, to what measure?

Repeat the Name--th' truest treasure.

Illogical debate, irrational argumentation, allegations and counter-allegations, envy, stubbornness, anger, jealousy and enmity - all represent falsehood and should be avoided as the potential dispensers of pain and misfortune. Recitation of ‘Ram-Naam’ alone leads us to the inexhaustible treasure of Truth. ...50
Satya-Mulak Hai Rachnaa Saari,

Sarva-Satya Prabhu-Ram Pasaari.

Beej Se Taru Makkardhi Se Taar,

Huaa Tyon Ram Se Jag Vistaar. ...51.

All things created are real and true,

The one pervades them through and through ;

From seed a tree, from spider thread,

From God this world, thus is spread.

The entire creation originated in Truth which in turn emanated from Sri Ram, Who is Himself the Absolute Truth. Just as the seed blossoms into the tree and the spider weaves the web, in the same manner the entire Cosmos evolved as a consequence of Sri Ram’s Grace. ...51
Vishwa-Vriksh Kaa Ram Hai Mool,

Us Ko Tu Praanee Kabhi Na Bhool.

Saans-Saans Se Simar Sujaan,

Ram-Ram Prabhu-Ram Mahaan. ...52.

The world's a tree, Ram is the root,

O man! Never forget this truth,

And breathe with every breath His Name,

Almighty is He, Blessed His name.

Sri Ram is the vital life force, the chief inspiration behind the Tree of Life - The Universe. O Man! Never for a moment should Thou forget Him. O Enlightened Being! breathe in and out only the glories of Sri Ram. ...52

Laya Utpatti Paalanaa-Roop,

Shakti-Chetnaa Aanand-Swaroop.

Aadi Ant Aur Madhya Hai Ram,

Asharan-Sharan Hai Ram-Vishraam. ...53.

Creator, Care-taker, consumer is Ram,

Omnipotent, Highest Bliss is Ram;

Ram is Origin, the End and Middle,

To restless Rest, key to life's riddle.

Sri Ram is the Refuge and Protector of the helpless and the hapless in the world. The Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of the Universe and the symbol of Bliss, Energy, and Knowledge, Sri Ram is the Beginning, the Middle and the End of Creation. ...53
Ram-Ram Jap Bhaav Se,

Mere Apne Aap.

Param-Purush Paalak-Prabhu,

Hartaa Paap Tritaap. ...54.

With deep devotion, my heart!

Repeat Ram-Ram, repeat :

Creator, care-taker is He,

Protects from sin, deceit.

O my Inner Being! Recite with fondness, passion and faith the Holy Name of Sri Ram, Who preserves, protects and sustains all. The Lord of Lords, Sri Ram annihilates (finishes) evils and evil deeds. ...54
Ram-Naam Binaa Vrithaa Vihaar,

Dhan-Dhaanya Sukh-Bhog Pasaar.

Vrithaa Hai Sab Sampad Sammaan,

Hove Tan Yathaa Rahit Praan. ...55.

Great wealth, rich foods, comforts and fame,

Without Ram-Ram all are in-vain ;

Without the name all honours and pelf,

Are like a body without the Self.

In the absence of Ram-Naam, everything becomes useless and meaningless - recreation, delicacies, riches and eminence. Without this Holy Name, all the worldly possessions become insignificant and irrelevant like the mortal human body without the pulsating life within. ...55
Naam Binaa Sab Neeras Swaad,

Jyon Ho Swar Binaa Raag Vishaad.

Naam Binaa Nahin Saje Singaar,

Ram-Naam Hai Sab Ras Saar. ...56.

Without the name insipid are pleasures,

As musis jars without measures ;

Decorations, riches, vanity of vanities,

Ram-Ram alone is beauty of beauties.

Without the grace and blessings of the Holy Ram-Naam, everything loses its intrinsic value. In fact, taste becomes tasteless just as music sounds depressing without melodiousness. Likewise all attempts at self-beautification fail to acquire grace and attraction in the absence of Ram-Naam. To be sure, Ram-Naam alone is the core and spirit of all enjoyments. ...56
Jagat Kaa Jivan Jaano Ram,

Jag Kee Jyoti Jaajwalyamaan.

Ram-Naam Binaa Mohinee-Maayaa,

Jivan-Heen Yathaa Tan-Chhaayaa. ...57.

The Bread of Life, the Light of the World,

The Name Ram Ram's omnipotent Word ;

Without Ram-Ram life's charming show,

Is soul-less as a man's shadow.

Know Sri Ram to be the Nerve-Centre, the Light, the Spirit and Consciousness of the Universe. In the absence of Sri Ram’s blessings, the moving spirit of the Universe will lose its vitality and be as lifeless as the mere shadow of the human body. ...57
Soonaa Samjhiye Sab Sansaar,

Jahaan Nahin Ram-Naam Sanchaar.

Soonaa Jaaniye Gyaan-Vivek,

Jis Men Ram-Naam Nahin Ek. ...58.

But wilderness is peopled world,

Where-in the Word Ram is not heard ;

Learning, discerning are empty vain,

Without the light within of Name.

Devoid (in absence) of Ram-Naam, the entire world would be a desolate wilderness (without any human beings) and an inanimate (lifeless) phenomenon. Knowledge, reasoning and intellect would remain barren and hollow unless these are inspired and blessed by the Holy Ram-Naam. ...58

Soone Granth Panth Mat Pothe,

Bane Jo Ram-Naam Bin Thothe.

Ram-Naam Bin Vaad-Vichaar,

Bhaari Bhram Kaa Kare Prachaar. ...59.

Scriptures and Books without His Name,

Are false, empty, hollow, in-vain ;

Disputes, discussions, discourses, debates,

Without Ram-Ram spread doubts and hates.

Without Ram-Naam, all the ‘holy’ books and scriptures, religious sects and beliefs, ideologies, logic, reasoning and the schools of thought are shallow, insignificant and irrelevant and spread only falsehood and confusion. ...59
Ram-Naam Deepak Binaa,

Jan-Man Men Andher.

Rahe, Is Se He Mam-Man,

Naam Sumaalaa Pher. ...60

Dark indeed are the minds

without the lamp of Name, --

Count, count, therefore, my mind,

The beads of blessed Name.

O Mind! Forever tell the beads of Ram-Naam rosary (maalaa) so as to ensure perpetual divine light within. The life would be dark and awesome otherwise. ...60
Ram-Ram Bhaj Kar Sri Ram,

Kariye Nitya Hee Uttam Kaam.

Jitne Kartavya Karm Kalaap,

Kariye Ram-Ram Kar Jaap. ...61.

Ram Ram repeat, Ram Ram recite,

Then do the deeds good and the up-right ;

Duties perform and jobs undertake,

Buy say Ram-Ram without a break.

The devotee should always recite ‘Ram-Ram’ with reverence even while performing the worldly duties including the responsibilities of the job or business. Recital of the holy ‘Ram-Ram’ is the noblest and purest deed, which must be, performed daily (without fail). ...61
Kariye Gamnaagam Ke Kaal,

Ram-Jaap Jo Kartaa Nihaal.

Sote Jagte Sab Din Yaam,

Japiye Ram-Ram AbhiRam. ...62.

In journies, travels repeat Ram-Ram,

Ram-nam protects from evil and harm ;

Awake, asleep, by day, by night,

Recall Ram-Ram that gives delight.

Sri Ram’s sacred name blesses us with satisfaction and happiness. Thus, we should constantly go on reciting the splendidly enchanting and blissful ‘Ram-Ram’ every moment whether awake or asleep, coming hither or going hence. ...62


Japte Ram-Naam Mahaa Maalaa,

Lagtaa Narak-Dwaar Pai Taalaa.

Japte Ram-Ram Jap Paath,

Jalte Karm Bandh Yathaa Kaath. ...63.

The beads of Name Ram-Ram-who tell,

For them no more the fires of hell ;

Recite, repeat, Ram-Ram each day,

The cords of *Karma shall burn as hay.

* Karma = Action

‘Ram-Naam’ is so powerful that its devout devotee has no fears of the hell since ‘Ram-Ram’ ensures the Saadhak’s salvation by neutralizing(burning) the evil and inauspicious actions ('Karma') like envy, jealousy, anger, pride and selfishness in the same manner in which dried up wood burns instantly. ...63
Taan Jab Ram-Naam Kee Toote,

Bhaandaa-Bharaa Abhaagya Bhaya Phoote.

Mankaa Hai Ram-Naam Kaa Aisaa,

Chintaa-Mani Paaras-Mani Jaisa. ...64.

When link with Name Ram-Ram is lost,

Misfortunes, fears come running fast ;

Like philosophers' stone, by Name's beads,

To faith are turned all cares and heeds.

As the devotee’s inner being reverberates with ceaseless remembrance and recitation of the Holy Ram-Naam, the receptacle (container, vessel) filled with fear, calamities and misfortunes explodes. The beads of Ram-Naam rosary alone have the divine touch that cures all ills and troubles like the alchemic stone that turns baser metals into gold.

‘Paaras-Mani’: (Alchemic Stone) A stone which when it touches iron transforms it into gold. ...64

Ram-Naam Sudhaa-Ras Saagar,

Ram-Naam Gyaan Gun-Aagar.

Ram-Naam Sri Ram-Mahaaraaj,

Bhav-Sindhu Men Hai Atul-Jahaaj. ...65.

Of ambrosial waters Ram-Ram is ocean,

Of wisdom virtue, Ram-Nam's fountain ;

Ram-Ram Shri-Ram in sea of fears,

Is king and captain, to safety steers.

‘Ram-Naam’ is an ocean of nectar that immortalizes; an inexhaustible (endless) treasure of higher knowledge (Self-realization) and noble and moral traits. ‘Sri Ram-Naam, Sri Ram’ - the Presiding Deity of the Universe, is the unparalleled and yet never-failing spiritual vessel to ensure smooth voyage for the human soul to eternal salvation. ...65

Ram-Naam Sab Teerth-Sthaan,

Ram-Ram Jap Param-Snaan.

Dho Kar Paap-Taap Sab Dhool,

Kar De Bhaya-Bhram Ko Unmool. ...66.

Ram-Jap is many a sacred bath,

In holy places on pilgrim's path :

Washes out the dirt of anger, sin,

Up-roots all fears and doubts within.

‘Ram-Naam’ embodies and embraces all the holy places of pilgrimage, provides complete spiritual ablution to cleanse us of the worldly dirt and dross (evil effect of the vices and passions) like fear, doubt and misconceptions. ...66
Ram-Jaap Ravi-Tej Samaan,

Mahaa-Moh-Tam Hare Agyaan,

Ram-Jaap De Aanand Mahaan,

Mile Use Jise De Bhagwaan. ...67.

Ram-Jap is like the light of sun,

Dispels deep darkness, blind passions ;

Repeat the Name,-- 'tis highest bliss, --

But they receive whom God gives this.

As the bright sunshine dispels (removes) darkness and fills the universe with light and warmth, similarly, ‘Ram-Naam’ bestows rare spiritual bliss on the devotees so ‘chosen’ by dispelling their ignorance, darkness and delusions. ...67

Ram-Naam Ko Simariye,

Ram-Ram Ek Taar.

Param-Paath Paawan-Param,

Patit Adham De Taar. ...68.

Recall the Name Shri-Ram,

And again, and again, and again ;

Most sanctifying is Name,

Saves souls steeped in sin.

Ceaseless (non-stop) recital of ‘Ram-Naam’ cleanses, ennobles and elevates even the chronic evildoers. As such, one should forever go on reciting the holiest of the holy ‘Ram-Ram’ with feeling, faith and fervour (zeal). ...68

Maangoon Main Ram-Kripaa Din Raat,

Ram-Kripaa Hare Sab Utpaat.

Ram-Kripaa Leve Ant Sambhaal,

Ram-Prabhu Hai Jan Pratipaal. ...69.

Day in day out I seek His Grace,

His grace does all problems efface ;

The end of life is safe in His Hands,

He is protector of men and lands.

I invoke Sri Ram’s Grace (and Forgiveness) so as to protect and secure myself against troubles, turmoils, sinister (evil) designs and misfortunes. As the Preserver and Protector, Sri Ram’s Grace saves and secures at the end of this mortal life. ...69
Ram-Kripaa Hai Uchtar-Yog,

Ram-Kripaa Hai Shubh Sanyog.

Ram-Kripaa Sab Saadhan-Marm,

Ram-Kripaa Sanyam Satya Dharm. ...70.

The Grace of God is Highest Way,

The Grace of God is "passion-play" ;

By Grace of God comes self control,

Comes love for truth, deep search for soul.

Sri Ram’s Grace and Compassion is the noblest form of divine benediction; the core content of spirituality; the quintessence of metaphysics (‘Rahasyavaad’); and the sure way to Supreme Will-Power, conquest of the Self and Knowledge of the Highest Religion. ...70
Ram-Naam Ko Man Men Basaanaa,

Supath Ram-Kripaa Kaa Hai Paanaa.

Man Men Ram-Dhun Jab Phire,

Ram-Kripaa Tab Hee Avtare. ...71.

The path of grace - if you may find?

Enshrine the Name then in your mind ;

When in your mind the Word swings,

Welcome coming of King of Kings.

Imbibing Sri Ram’s Holy Name is a sublime way of receiving His Grace. Only when the heart is genuinely imbued (filled) and resonant with Ram-Naam, do Sri Ram’s Grace and Benediction bless the devotee.

‘Dhun’: Spontaneous, continuous and harmonious resonance of the Holy Ram-Naam within the Devotee. ...71

Rahoon Main Naam Men Ho Kar Leen,

Jaise Jal Men Ho Meen Adeen.

Ram-Kripaa Bharpoor Main Paaoon,

Param Prabhu Ko Bheetar Laaoon. ...72.

Oh may I live in Name as free,

In waters as a fish is free,

And fill myself with grace and Love,

Within, around, below and above.

Just as the marine life (sea animals like fish) roam around fearlessly in water, I wish to be fully immersed in the glory of Ram-Naam and to experience Oneness and complete identification with Sri Ram and His Grace. Indeed, Sri Ram and His Grace are one and inseparable from each other. ...72
Bhakti-Bhaav Se Bhakt Sujaan,

Bhajte Ram-Kripaa Kaa Nidhaan.

Ram-Kripaa Us Jan Men Aave,

Jis Men Aap Hee Ram Basaave. ...73.

The devotees of God with greatest love,

Of Grace of God seek treasure trove ;

On him alone does Grace descend,

On whom He Himself chooses to send.

It is with extreme fondness and reverence that the learned and the devout remember and invoke the benediction of Sri Ram who is the Apostle and Fountainhead of Compassion and Grace. Indeed, Sri Ram Himself wills and chooses his Beneficiaries – Recipients. ...73
Kripaa Prasaad Hai Ram Kee Deni,

Kaal-Vyaal Janjaal Har Leni.

Kripaa-Prasaad Sudhaa-Sukh-Swaad,

Ram-Naam De Rahit Vivaad. ...74.

When in His Mercy His Grace Descends,

Destroys death's gall, all vanity ends ;

God's Grace -- so sweet, soothing, as balm,

Comes quietly on him who sings Ram-Ram.

Sri Ram Himself bestows His Grace on the devotees and liberates the human souls from the clutches and fangs of Time - the Ruthless (without pity) Serpent. Indeed, Sri Ram’s Grace provides the nectarous (like nectar) bliss surely and unmistakably. ...74

Prabhu-Prasaad Shiv-Shaanti-Daataa,

Brahm-Dhaam Men Aap Pahunchaataa.

Prabhu-Prasaad Paave Wah Praanee,

Ram-Ram Jape Amrit-Vaani. ...75.

The Grace of God Gives peace, happiness,

And leads to Kingdom of Blessedness ;

On him who takes the Name Divine,

Blessings of God descend and shine.

He attains Sri Ram’s Grace and Benevolence who chants His divine name keenly and fervently. Such a devotee also experiences Sri Ram’s liberal munificence (generosity) in being blessed with bliss and inner peace, and is led to God’s abode. ...75
Aushadh Ram-Naam Kee Khaaiye,

Mrityu Janm Ke Rog Mitaaiye.

Ram-Naam Amrit Ras-Paan,

Detaa Amal Achal Nirvaan. ...76.

Of Name, - Ram-Ram 'th remedy employ,

All ills of mortal life destroy ;

Drink in the nectar-like sweet Name,

Highest salvation thereby attain.

The only ‘medicine’ worth taking is the Holy Ram-Naam that Surely delivers and liberates us from the endless chain of life and death, the agony and travails (pain) of mortal life, and leads us to salvation (immortality of the soul) of the purest and highest order. ...76
Ram-Ram Dhun Goonj Se,

Bhav-Bhaya Jaate Bhaag.

Ram-Naam Dhun Dhyaan Se,

Sab Shubh Jaate Jaag. ...77.

Chant loud Ram-Ram Shri-Ram,

Doubt & fear shall dis-appear ;

Hark within the Name Ram-Ram,

Hope & cheer shall reappear.

With the echoes of the sound of holy ‘Ram-Ram’ all apprehensions of the birth-death-birth cycle disappear. Also vanish all the evil forces yielding place to the auspicious forces of all round well being after the devotee trains his mind and attention on the Holy sound of ‘Ram-Ram’. ...77
 Maangoon Main Ram-Naam Mahaadaan,

Kartaa Nirdhan Kaa Kalyaan.

Dev-Dwaar Par Janm Kaa Bhookhaa,

Bhakti Prem Anuraag Se Rookhaa. ...78.

I seek the Name, greatest of gifts,

The rich treasure that ever up-lifts ;

Since births Thy Gate I watch and wait,

Alas! I lack in love and faith!.

I humbly beseech (request) and pray for the benefaction of the unparalleled Ram-Naam that dispels (removes) privation and poverty, and grants all the blessings. For the past innumerable lives, I have been devoid of His Grace and am indeed without any positive traits (qualities) like devotion, ardent desire, faith and genuine spiritual quest (search). ...78
 ‘Par Hoon Teraa’-Yah Liye Ter,

Charan Pardhe Kee Rakhiyo Mer.

Apnaa Aap Virad-Vichaar,

Deejiye Bhagwan! Naam Pyaar. ...79.

But 'I am Thine', Oh, 'I am Thine',

I seek refuge singing this rhyme ;

Keep Thou Thy Word, fulfil Thy Claim,

Give me, my Lord, deep love for Name.

I passionately beseech Thee, O Lord, Sri Ram! because ‘I am Thine’ only. Here do I lie prostrate before Thee! Pray, bethink Thine stature, magnificence, fame and, being unmindful of my vices and frailties, grant me Thine Forgiveness, Patronage, Affection, Blessings and unshakeable faith in my devotion for You! ...79
 Ram-Naam Ne We Bhee Taare,

Jo The Adharmi-Adham Hatyaare.

Kapti-Kutil-Kukarmi Anek,

Tar Gaye Ram-Naam Le Ek. ...80.

Hath not Thy Name sinners saved ?

Wicked worthless morally depraved ?

Criminals culprits fallen in shame,

Have washed their sins in river of Name.

The holy ‘Ram-Naam’ ensured ultimate salvation even to those who were atheistic and irreligious, and who led a life of wickedness, immorality, crime, promiscuity (indiscriminate physical relations), deceit and treachery. This was the result of remembering Sri Ram’s Name only. ...80
 Tar Gaye Dhriti-Dhaarnaa Heen,

Dharm-Karm Men Jan Ati Deen.

Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Jap Jaap,

Huye Atul-Vimal-Apaap. ...81.

Even those in actions and duties meek,

With minds infirm, wavering and weak,

Repeat Ram-Ram, achieve success,

Are firm in faith, become pure, sinless.

The Graciousness of ‘Sri Ram-Naam’ saves the souls of even those who lack steadiness, faith, self-restraint and are irreligious and overtly indulgent (fond of pleasure). The holiest of the holy ‘Ram-Ram’ helped and sustained the worst offenders and criminals, who were absolutely cleansed and purified without any traces of past sinfulness. 

‘Dhriti’: steadiness. ...81

 Ram-Naam Man Mukh Men Bole,

Ram-Naam Bheetar Pat Khole.

Ram-Naam Se Kamal-Vikaas.

Hoven Sab Saadhan Sukh-Raas. ...82.

Mutter Ram-Ram in mind, in mouth,

And open the gate of heart's house,

Ram-Nam opens Lotuses within,

Flowers to joy each discipline.

Silent and persistent recitation of the Holy ‘Ram-Naam’ dispels(removes) with its resplendence (dazzling brightness) the dark clouds of ignorance and, instead, fills the devotee’s inner being with Superconsciousness. Knowledge of the ‘Brahman’-the Lotus brings our spiritual quest (search) to its grand finale-Oneness with the Creator. ...82
 Ram-Naam Ghat Bheetar Base,

Saans-Saans Nas-Nas Se Rase.

Sapne Men Bhee Na Bisre Naam,

Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Ram-Ram. ...83.

With every breath, in every vein,

Through-out your body, pulsate the Name,

So place in name your every thought,

You, even in dreams, forget it not.

When the Holy ‘Ram-Naam’ pervades (fills) our heart and soul, the entire Being, including every pore and breath, pulsates with Sri Ram’s Grace as spontaneously as the hilly springs gush forth effortlessly. Thereafter, not in the slumberous state (dreams) does the devotee become oblivious (forgetful) of the auspicious ‘Ram-Ram’. Instead, ‘Ram-Ram Sri Ram-Ram-Ram’ becomes integral part of his consciousness and he experiences abiding remembrance of ‘Ram-Naam’. ...83

Ram-Naam Ke Mel Se,

Sadh Jaate Sab-Kaam.

Dev-Dev Deve Yadaa.

Daan Mahaa-Sukh-Dhaam. ...84.

Who, by the Grace of God,

Get united with the Name,

Whatever task they undertake,

Success there-in attain.

Sri Ram’s noble and compassionate ‘Naam’ helps in realizing all our goals. The devotee experiences fulfilment of his human existence. The truly lasting and indestructible wealth of ultimate bliss is received when God of Gods, Sri Ram blesses us with it. ...84

Aho! Main Ram-Naam Dhan Paayaa,

Kaan Men Ram-Naam Jab Aayaa.

Mukh Se Ram-Naam Jab Gaayaa,

Man Se Ram-Naam Jab Dhyaayaa. ...85.

Believe! You've found the Name's treasure,

When rings Its melody in your ear,

When in your tongue Its honesty abounds,

When in your mind its rhythm resounds.

How indeed lucky am I to have been blessed with the most invaluable wealth of ‘Ram-Naam’! This priceless treasure became mine only when with faith and feeling I began to recite, listen to and contemplate ‘Ram-Naam’-steadfastly and without any distraction (interruption). ...85
 Paa Kar Ram-Naam Dhan-Raashi,

Ghor-Avidyaa Vipad Vinaashi.

Bardhaa Jab Ram Prem Kaa Poor,

Sankat-Sanshaya Ho Gaye Door. ...86.

O seeks Ram-Nam's power boundless,

Destroy deep darkness and distress ;

Of love for name when comes the tide,

Difficulties and doubts are swept aside.

As the devotee is blessed with the unique spiritual wealth of 'Ram-Naam', the dark and painful clouds of ignorance dissolve and disappear. Also get washed away in the deluge (flood) of Sri Ram’s Grace all the evil forces of fear, doubt and misfortune. Fond and devout devotion to Sri Ram transforms itself into an infallible remedy and antidote for even the worst forms of ignorance, doubts and misfortunes. ...86

Ram-Naam Jo Jape Ek Ber,

Us Ke Bheetar Kosh-Kuber.


Ram-Ram Jap Hove Nihaal. ...87.

But once who is able to unfold,

The Name, he finds treasures un-told ;

Broken, bleeding, or poor, wretched,

Repeat Ram-Ram, become blessed.

Passionate and soulful remembrance of Ram-Naam, even though once, enriches the devotee spiritually in a way that can compare well with Mammon - God of Wealth. Recital of ‘Ram-Ram’ with devotion and faith endows even the helpless, hapless, destitute, indigent (needy) and depressed with wealth, affluence, eminence and good luck. ...87
 Hirdaya Ram-Naam Se Bhariye,

Sanchaya Ram-Naam Dhan Kariye.

Ghat Men Naam Moorti Dhariye,

Poojaa Antarmukh Ho Kariye. ...88.

O fill your heart! Ram-Ram within,

Gather the treasure of Name there-in,

There place idol of God, -- Shri Ram,

Worship Him there in silence calm.

We should amass and accumulate the only sacrosanct wealth of ‘Ram-Naam’ in our hearts. In fact, ‘Ram-Naam’ should be embedded in the inmost niche of our Being. We should introspect and forever remain in a state of devout and profound contemplation on the glories of Sri Ram Who graces our inner being. ...88
 Aankhen Moond Ke Suniye Sitaar,

Ram-Ram Sumadhur Jhankaar.

Us Me Man Kaa Mel Milaao,

Ram-Ram Sur Men Hee Samaao. ...89.

Then close your eyes, listen to lyre,

Ringing the rhythm of Name so clear,

And tune your mind to music sweet,

Be one with Ram, Ram-Ram Repeat.

We should be attuned to the celestial (heavenly) harmony emanating (originating) from the holy ‘Ram-Ram’ that forever orchestrates (runs, performs) within. In fact, our consciousness should lose its independent identity and mingle and merge with Sri Ram’s Superconsciousness. ...89
 Japoon Main Ram-Ram Prabhu Ram,

Dhyaaoon Main Ram-Ram Hare Ram.

Simroon Main Ram-Ram Prabhu Ram,

Gaaoon Main Ram-Ram Sri Ram. ...90.

With mind on Lord of Light - Shri-Ram,

May I repeat, recite Ram-Ram !

In silence I say, Ram-Ram-Shri-Ram,

Aloud I sing Ram-Ram-Shri-Ram !

O Most Adorable, Sri Ram! Grant me the blessing of invoking and remembering Thy Holy Name each moment and every breath of my life. I wish to meditate, contemplate and sing devoutly the glories of Thine Name alone. ...90

Amritvaani Kaa Nitya Gaanaa,

Ram-Ram Man Beech Ramaanaa.

Detaa Sankat-Vipad Nivaar,

Kartaa Shubh Sri Manglaachaar. ...91.

The *AMRIT-VANI--to recite each day

On mind to let its music play,

Is to take away each evil, each ill,

Is to make the way for all good-will.

* This Booklet

Daily recital of Sri Amrit Vaani with faith and reverence fosters the installation of ‘Ram-Ram’ in the inmost niche of our Being - Soul. Regular and devotional recitation of Sri Amrit Vaani guards against all worries and troubles, and augurs all round well-being, abundance of affluence, health and happiness. ...91

Ram-Naam Jap Paath Se,

Ho Amrit Sanchaar.

Ram-Dhaam Men Preeti Ho,

Sugun-Gan Kaa Vistaar. ...92.

Repeat the Name each day,

Sit daily in Sun-shine,

Build your Home in Kingdom of joy,

Love, Light Divine.

Reverential recital and contemplation of ‘Ram-Naam’ grants the gift of divine nectar and enhances the devotee’s spiritual attainments manifold, strengthens the spiritual bond with Sri Ram and fosters positive and lofty traits (qualities). ...92
Taarak Mantra Ram Hai,

Jis Kaa Sufal Apaar.

Is Mantra Ke Jaap Se,

Nishchaya Bane Nistaar. ...93.

RAM is key word that opens,

Door to treasures un-told,

Repeat the Magic-word Ram,

Wonders within un-fold.

Ram-Mantra is the Redeemer and Saviour which delivers our soul from the mortal bondage (captivity in the perishable human body). Be sure that remembrance of this Mahaa-Mantra leads to salvation as well as provides all round bliss, good fortune, God-Realization and Oneness with the Supreme Being. (May our faith in the Mahaa-Mantra of Ram-Naam be resolute and unshakeable). ...93


DHUN (The ChoricSong)  

1. Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram Ram Ram.

2. Sri Ram, Sri Ram, Sri Ram Ram Ram.

3. Jaya Jaya Ram, Jaya Jaya Ram,Jaya Jaya Ram Ram Ram.

4. Jaya Ram Jaya Ram, Jaya Jaya Ram,

Ram Ram Ram Ram, Jaya Jaya Ram.

5. Patit Paawan Naam, Bhaj Le Ram Ram Ram;

Bhaj Le Ram Ram Ram , Bhaj Le Ram Ram Ram.

6. Asharan Sharan Shaanti Ke Dhaam, Mujhe Bharosaa, Teraa Ram;

Mujhe Bharosaa Teraa Ram, Mujhe Bharosaa, Teraa Ram.

7. Ramaaya Namaha, Sri Ramaaya Namaha,

Ramaaya Namaha, Sri Ramaaya Namaha.

8. Aham Bhajaami Ramam, Satyam Shivam Mangalam,

Satyam Shivam Mangalam, Satyam Shivam Mangalam.

Vridhi-Aastik Bhaav Kee,Shubh Mangal Sanchaar.

Abhyudya Sadd-Dharm Kaa, Ram Naam Vistaar.

: A devout and selfless invocation to God of Gods Sri Ram :

‘May, with the Grace and Benevolence of the Supreme Soul - SRI RAM, the world be led into abiding faith and knowledge of the all-pervasive godliness, goodness and well-being! Let true spirituality permeate the universe and the holiest of the holy Ram-Naam transcend (rise above) all barriers!’


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