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When Ujjain Prison Turned into Temple and Life-Convicts Became Priests!

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Glory of Ram Naam is like the divine nectar taste of which remains on enigma or mystery. It is for the devout to experience and internalize its essence. But that is possible when a devout completely surrenders oneself to the alter of this cosmic name. Our arguing mind. Logical mind-sets create the hindrances that prompt the doubt in our mind about the almighty. Limited exposure and relativity of known truth make us the so-called slave of the rationality, yet we pretend to be scientific! Yes, life is a matter of experiencing and scientific fervour is of primal importance. Science teaches us to have sincere craving and quest to know the unknown. So please do have the scientific temperament to know beyond the given logic system and knowledge. Science teaches us to believe in the basic given parameters and then proceed with experimentations. Science may reject ideas but it never negates one! And for divine rationality we have to culture it in terms of experiencing the super-logics.

Similarly, the sacred word Ram Naam is purely scientific in nature and logical in practice. It works with acoustic vibrations which harmonize the mind, body and soul then it moves beyond the silence where it would lead to the eternal light and that remains a matter of experiencing. Swamiji Maharaj had taught us the Ram Naam Jaap which stores all the answers a mind can ask. This Jaap has all the remedies for all the mortal ailments.

Naam jaap provides us the path for the eternal salvation from life and death. But this jaap cannot be a superficial exercise and nothing could be achieved if one does not have a complete shraddha towards this naam jaap. Miracles, which are being experienced by the convicts of Ujjain Central Jail are the resultant of their complete surrender to the almighty. This book revolves around this theme where all have seen how generous and kindest mantra - Ram Naam can not only change the minds of the convicts but also their destiny!

Today, being Guru Purnima, I with all of you do our pranam to Param Guru who gave swamiji Maharaj the celestial diksha with Ram Naam. The akashvani, still rent the hearts of all the family members of Swamiji Maharaj. To perfectly remember this day, we have to shed jealousy, conflict towards Guru-mukh.

So-called convicts have shown us the path about how to surrender oneself completely and also to reap the fruit. For them, doing Jaap, with pure mind, was not very easy affair as they live an imprisoned life where the basic minimum requirement is a distant dream. The overcrowded jails, the unfriendly smell, vicious atmosphere all around could not stop them from achieving the rare spiritual achievements. They have shown how sheer jaap can alter their destiny. Such is the glory of Ram Naam.

On the auspicious day let us all dedicate our every breath to Ram Naam and see how our mortal journey becomes smooth and reach out to the supreme immortal - Param Guru. Having complete faith and utmost shraddha for Param Guru - Ram will facilitate the salvation for sure and that will be the real celebration for Guru Purnima. We can celebrate this day every day and see the miracle happening all around. At Ujjain Jail, the prayer was heard and people got solace and even they are inching towards freedom! So pray and wish for others to reduce the pain of fellow beings that would definitely make you closer to Paramatman!

The reformation at Ujjain Central Jail was possible due to the immense efforts of Jail official who had facilitated those convicts a breathing ground for spiritual practices. In this regard Shri S.K.Dave and his team deserves special praise for augmenting path breaking administrative measures. Gautam confided to me that Shri Dave sees those convicts as his own children and Smt. Dave echoed this sentiment too!

Dr. Gautam Chatterjee, as a researcher and writer has dedicated his life and time to understand the mystique Ram Naam as he first wrote on Sadhna Satsang --- A Pilgrimage. Then his 101 Ram Naam Themes & Thought. which explained the revealing dimension of Ram Naam and then he critically examined the episode of Indore Central Jail when he wrote 'Reformation Through Ram Naam - case studies of Jhabua Bhils and Convicts of Indore Central Jail. Now, in this book he gives an eyewitness account of the flowering glory of Ram Naam.

Published by Shree Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust, New Delhi, Released on 21st July 2005(Gurupurnima)

Book Contain 

Prologue by Pujya Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj

Text & Photographs by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

Translated by Shabnam Pardal

Letters Written by Prisoner Sadhaks


Cost of the Book: Rs. 25.00

available at:

Shree Ram Sharnam, 

8A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV,

New Delhi - 110 024, (INDIA)

for more details email to:  shreeramsharnam@hotmail.com


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