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When Ujjain Prison Turned into Temple and Life-Convicts Became Priests!

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Journey to Ujjain Jail - The Mission

It was my second journey back to the land of black soil better known as Malwa region. In this ancient land, Kalidasa scripted his immortal plays. But my journey was to look beyond the scripted heritage. Again my travel to Ujjain was also not to script the celebration of Death with the freshly burnt ashes on the pedestal of Jyotirlinga where the mortal departure is celebrated everyday. My mission to Ujjain was to witness a solemn ceremony of divine nature which history may forget to record by for 2500 people who were present on this occasion at Ujjain Central Jail may never be able to efface their memory when tears rained involuntarily while listening to Swami Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj espousing the cause of the convict. Yet, it was much needed monsoon where river Shipra had shrunk its banks with the germinating heat of Rudra Bhava and all those present there experienced the magnanimity of Prem Bhava flowing anew within the forsaken and forbidden walls of Ujjain Central Jail. On 14th March, 2005 at Ujjain a rare event took place in the history of the Jail and also in the history of Shree Ram Sharnam. Around 2100 convicts awaited to listen to Maharajji, as they lovingly call him 'Guruji Maharaj'.

I may recall here that I was an eye witness to the Indore Central Jail's divine episode few years back and as a result of which thousands of convicts-sadhaks not only got reformed socially but spiritually as well. Later on in order to find out the truth I visited their hamlets and was astonished to find the 'released prisoners' were not only living a healthy life but chanting Ram Naam and also preaching its glory to the people in the best tradition of Naam Vistar as encoded by in Shree Amritvani of Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj.

However, some time later, Swami Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj, confided in me that he was no more willing to visit Jails and wanted to shun publicity in the much 'politicized' Jails. Yet, he could not snap his emotional bondage with those forsaken souls especially those who were shifted from Indore Jail to Ujjan Jail as they constantly kept him informed about their personal spiritual developments and sought his solace and guidance.

Thus the selfless love and reverence of the convict-sadhaks for their guru and their endless letters had forced Maharajji to visit Ujjain Central Jail in February 2004 and on that occasion several hundred convicts got diksha from him.

Since then not a single day passed without a dak meant for Maharajji from the Ujjain Central Jail. Convicts-sadhaks never complained to him about their physical ailments or social problems they face unlike most 'free' sadhaks do and disturb Maharajji with their trifling personal problems. Those convicts only sought his spiritual guidance and confided in him their spiritual 'experiences' and often looked for remedies for their spiritual aspirations. Seldom have they requested Maharajji to bless their families who are reeling through pain and agony as they could not physically reach out to their near and dear ones! Their poised gravity flair for writing (though most of them are semi-literates), and begotton contentment with the touch of spiritual excellence created an unfathomable bond with Maharajji which any other so-called free sadhak would envy.


Published by Shree Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust, New Delhi, Released on 21st July 2005(Gurupurnima)

Book Contain 

Prologue by Pujya Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj

Text & Photographs by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

Translated by Shabnam Pardal

Letters Written by Prisoner Sadhaks


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