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When Ujjain Prison Turned into Temple and Life-Convicts Became Priests!

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Stepping in...

Against this backdrop Swami Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj had decided to spend some hours with the convicts at the Ujjain Central Jail on 14th March, 2005, a day preceding his own birthday. I was fortunate to be present there on this historic day. Yes, I call it historic for the simple reason that here for the first time Maharajji held an aarti beyond the much celebrated concept of Sadhna Satsang where the jyoti of aarti not only enables one to witness the divine spectacle of Ram Avataran enlightening everybody present there with the simple worded prayer uttered by Maharajji on behalf every devout attending the Sadhna Satsang. This unearthly spectacle is witnessed and experienced only by those fortunate sadhaks whose name are included in the list meant for attending Sadhna Satsang. But this rare incident was to happen for the first time within the Jail premises before a crowd of convict sadhaks whose numbers swelled beyond 2000. 

This act of Maharaj ji firstly acknowledged the high level of sadhna thouse convicts were doing and secondly he wanted to empower those 'imprisoned' souls who were not able to attend Sadhna Satsang outside the Jail. Thus was the importance and significance of Sadhna at the Bandi-griha where convicts were transforming themeselves into higher spiritual being. This was a unique demonstration of Guru-shishya relation where sadhaks could reach out to their Guru and their Guru could reach out to them!

Convicts, who generally create chaos, were seen silently sitting in manifold rows in padmassan posture as if in meditation! The White Gandhi Topi on their heads created an enchanted vision and in the atmosphere of solemn silence one could hear the chirping of fluttering birds who often distanced themselves from the vicinity of the Jail compound! There were also many with yellow caps on their heads denoting that they were 'senior citizen convicts'......


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Published by Shree Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust, New Delhi, Released on 21st July 2005(Gurupurnima)

Book Contain 

Prologue by Pujya Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj

Text & Photographs by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

Translated by Shabnam Pardal

Letters Written by Prisoner Sadhaks


Cost of the Book: Rs. 25.00

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