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We all know it for sure that its very difficult to do Sadhana while living in this world. It is definitely difficult but not impossible. Saints all over the world are of the opinion that except for attainment of God, living life for any other purpose is meaningless. The sole aim of life should be God-realisation. Knowing it fully well we instead of becoming spiritually inclined, we are taking the opposite direction. All the efforts for attainment of wealth, desire for name and fame and worldly pleasures make us go away from God. Then how to acquire peace and rest? All our endeavours lead us to disquiet, turmoil and unrest Mahirishi Vyasdev says   "What ever reward you get after 10 years of meditation and penances in Satyug, same reward one gets after performing Yagyas etc in one year in Treat yuga and in Dwaper he gets it in one month by worshiping Devas. But in Kalyuga by chanting the name of "Shri Ram", the same reward is very easily attainable in one day."  Vyasdev ji is amazed and wonders - why do people not chant 'Ram Nam' which has infinite and immense power to liberate you from the vicious circle of life and death. The unattainable and impossible salvation becomes so easy and simple by remembering and chanting 'Ram Nam'. Taking the name of Ram while dying even the worst of sinners attain salvation. But how can you remember God while breathing your last unless you have practised it earlier? Know this for a fact that taking His name even for a while with love and feeling will not go waste. No calamity befalls on a person who chants the name continuously. If you want to destroy the sins of lakhs of births, If you want your benediction and welfare, then chant sweet and auspicious 'Ram Nam' continuously with ardent devotion and love. Walk with the umbrella of Ram Nam and protect yourself from the rain of sorrow and misery,  protect yourself from drenching. Rain will fall, but you will not be drenched by torrential rain. You will remain protected and will thank God mainfold, that with his grace even during want, difficulty and failure etc, His name was not forgotten. Saints give assurance that 'people who meditate on Ram, Ram protects them.'

"Having RAM NAM on your lips
And doing work with hands,
You will definitely attain the
abode of God."

My heartiest Congratulations to you all on this holy and auspicious day, May every body gets the blessings of God and my Gurus.

Salutations to all with love.


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