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Message on Vyas Purnima

 (24th July, 2002)

Today, is an auspicious day in our religion to show gratitude to our Gurus our spiritual guides - who have implanted the seed of Ram Mantra in our inner-most recesses of heart, who have dispelled the darkness of ignorance with scriptures composed by them, who have taught the art of living a blissful, calm and serene life by their described spiritual methodology, who have showed us the beacon light with their spiritual talks or discourses. This day is meant for remembering the spiritual relation between the Guru and Shishya (Disciple) and remembering the promises given to Guru during initiation (Nam-Diksha). Whatever has been said by my Gurus, repeating their sayings and again taking a vow to follow and imbibe their commands, instructions and preachings in our lives, we offer the flowers of devotion and reverence at their lotus feet.

  1. This consciousness - that 'the most auspicious Maha-mantra Ram-Naam dwells in my heart' - should become stronger every day. Sadhak should have incessant faith that Shree Ram is inherent in 'name' itself. God is present in his name. Now my heart is the throne of God. My body is the temple of Shree Ram in which resides the effulgent and brilliant Supreme being. He eternally protects me and all my spiritual practices (efforts) are being automatically accomplished with the Grace of Shree Ram on their own accord. When I have surrendered my self wholly at the feet of Shree Ram, I have nothing to worry about any more.

  2. The Sadhak (the spiritual aspirant) should be firmly resolved in this that the way medicine cures the ailing body, similarly Ram-Naam is cleansing me of all my imperfections, my inhibitions, my mistakes and my impure and sinful thoughts.

  3. The seed of Ram-Naam-tree has been implanted in the soil of my heart. The buds, leaves, flowers and fruits will keep blossoming in the form of my success and accomplishments. My duty is to have faith in the Grace of Shree Ram

  4. Remember, the Grace of God descends only on him who takes (chants) the name of Lord with ardent devotion, who meditates and contemplates with concentrated mind, who relies on Ram-Naam with ardent love, considers the "worship of Name" to be the foremost and complete spiritual practice.

  5. For a lay man, Ram-Naam seems only a "word" and chanting of name, repetition of that word only, but the devotee of "Name" should consider it the uncomparable means of "inner-development, self awakening, self improvement, removing of all impurities, doubts and false super impositions and destruction (annihilation) of all sins and imperfections".

"Ram-Naam Jab Jage Abhang,

Chetan-Bhaav Jage Sukh Sang,

Granthi Avidyaa Toote Bhaari,

Ram-Leela Kee Khile Phulwari"


Constant recital of Ram-Naam awakens us to the truth: 'I am the Soul' with great sense of joy, as opposed to the illusion born of ignorance 'I am the Body'. Indeed, the bright light of Ram-Naam dispels the dark clouds of ignorance filling our inner being with abiding ecstasy and bliss.

Devotee of Ram-Naam realises his true self. Where ever he is, God appears \ manifests Himself. compelled by infinite devotion of the sadhak.

  1. So a devotee should arouse, invoke the name of Shree Ram in his inner self. He should realise that while walking, sitting, standing, while doing the daily chores \ works, the devotee should experience the uninterrupted recitation of holy Ram-Naam without making any conscious effort. Then understand that there is awakening of self consciousness and the Mantra has started yeilding the desired results and the Grace of God has descended. The devotee is able to overcome the vicious circle of life and death.

"Taarak Mantra Ram Hai, 

Jis Kaa Sufal Apaar,

Is Mantra Ke Jaap Se,

Nishchaya Bane Nistaar"


"Ram-Mantra is the Redeemer and Saviour which delivers our soul from the mortal bondage. Be sure that rememberance of this Mahaa-Mantra leads to salvation, as well as provides all round bliss, good fortune and God realisation and Oneness with the Supreme Being".

We have given the word to our Guru, that whatever may be the environment, where ever we are, how soever we are, we will be reciting Ram-Naam, will be regularly sitting for meditation, will be studying the scriptures written by them and will be lovingly linked with each other through the medium of satsangs. Today again we take a firm and solemn resolution to fulfill the promise and seek their blessings that Lord's Grace should be on us eternally, by the mantra bestowed by them, to acquire the highest state for which we have come.

Charan Vandana and heartiest congratulations, auspicious and blissful wishes to the whole family of Pujyapad Swamiji.


a dust particle of the feet  

Vishwa Mitter  


Message in Hindi

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