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27 January 2019

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Awake, and strive to know the 'Atman', and, under the inspired guidance of the profound and realized saint-soul (Guru), seek eternal salvation."

Dispensed as an act of self-willed benediction by the accomplished and mature guru, 'deeksha' implies the implanting of the vibrant and edifying seed – 'mantra' in the inmost recesses of the Sadhak's being. This process also covers explaining the Sadhaks the significance and methodology of 'DHAYANA' and 'JAAP'.

Known as a purely mystical phenomenon, 'Naam Deeksha' in our Satsang is characterised as a uniquely vibrant and subtle spiritual activity which blossoms and fructifies overtime. Worship is carried along inner wavelengths which is also in consonance with the traditions of the 'Sant Parampra'.

As the temple gets sanctified with the installation of the idol, the human sanctum – the heart is deified with the conferment of 'Ram Naam'. Just as the newly sown seed when properly nurtured surely blooms, likewise the 'maha mantra' of 'Ram Naam' embedded in the heart under the benign benediction of a proper Guru is also destined to flourish and spread its glory.

It is a fact that observance, not the flouting, of the prescribed order and discipline results in the actualization of any physical act, similarly, worship of the supreme Godhead must also conform to the severity of the prescribed instructions. As such, one should embark upon the spiritual path only after proper initiation by an accomplished Guru.

With a view to acquiring inner poise and piety, to have a life free from tensions and turmoil, and to lend meaning and purpose to the priceless human incarnation, we must cautiously choose the right path to godliness. Even as one has to approach the subject – specialist for proper exposition, likewise those who seek the ultimate knowledge have to come to the fold of a genuine exponent of spirituality. For this, the need and relevance of a truly realized spiritual mentor – Satguru – can hardly be overemphasized.

Only an accomplished and awakened guru is competent to bestow 'Deeksha' on the willing as the lighted lamp alone can transmit 'charge' and brighten up other lamps.

Happily, our meditation process is crystal-clear, simple and free from affectations and taboos. Offerings, donations and false claims have no place. While hero-worship including 'Guru-Pooja' is singularly absent, the only thing of significance that really matters is a sincere vow of incessant meditation of 'Ram Naam'.

The entire meditation process pivots around the holy 'Ram Naam' which was ordained by way of divine grace to the venerable Swami Satyanandji Maharaj who dispensed the same in the form of 'Naam Deeksha' among Sadhaks. Moved by compassion and the concern for the spiritual upliftment of the humankind – the initiated Sadhaks, Swamiji devoted his entire life to this noble cause. After him, his illustrious disciple, successor and the most accomplished Shree Premji Maharaj dedicated his life and remained engaged in the dissemination of the holy 'Ram Naam'.

Presently, in the true traditions of 'Guru-Parampra', our revered Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj is carrying on the enormous task of ensuring spiritual ennoblement of the humankind. Innumerable 'Sadhaks' are getting blessed with inner peace, bliss and harmony and are partaking their share of the spiritual bounty inherited by venerable Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj from the Great Masters.

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