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"Let the Year 2002 be very blissful & auspicious for all of us"

Seeing from any aspect, there is no doubt about, with ending of year 2001, life span has been shortened by one more year. Every human being is, close to death- striding towards 'death' means striding towards 'Truth' - Why? The way Almighty God is 'Truth' similarly death is also 'Truth'. Both should be constantly remembered. In this lies the welfare of man. Before the propitious beginning of the year a business man closes his previous accounts and starts a new cash/ accounts book. He scrutinizes the old accounts and evaluates and assesses them so that the mistakes committed in the previous year may not be repeated. A Spiritual aspirant (sadhak) should also visualise from same angle. Even he should see whether he has made progress in spiritual life or deteriorated? Where has the slipped? Accordingly he should program his spiritual activities for the next year. He should be able to decide this very easily by asking few questions from himself like -

1 Has he been able to chant Ram-Nam Constantly? If not what are the hurdles? what is obstructing the constant remembrance?
2 Has he been able to maintain regularity in meditation? If yes, then Has he experiencing the bliss? Has he been able to attain the purity of mind? Has he been able to reduce the burden of his previous sins? Consequently has he started enjoying more of dear to him than the world?
3 Do the trivial affairs of day to day life still disturb like before or mind has become more stable? Or does every adverse situation hinder your chanting of Ram Nam? Does it restrict your 'service' or performing of duties?
4 Whether the emotions of mind - desire, anger, greed, jealousy perturbs you like before or your way of thinking has improved? Does ego/pride still raises its hood like always or has it mellowed? Consequently tolerance and humility have increased or not? Seeing the progress of other does the heart still burns and gets agitated or at that you remember God, 'the benefactor'?
5 Doing or thinking ill of others, slandering and using harsh words has reduced or not? Whether pure disposition of nature, friendliness, kindness and love for all has developed or not?

After finding the answers we should make firm resolution in the new year that -- In 2002 which all defects & flaws should be renounced? May you be successful in fulfilling your resolution. May 'Ram Mantra' give you strength. May the blessing of my Gurus be with you and May Lord Rama bless you all. With best and auspicious wishes I congratulate all. May God bless you all to live a meaningful year 2002.




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