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In one of the sittings of Sadhna Satsang of 25th July to 30th July, 2004, Pujya Shree Maharaj ji told the attending devotees that his hand shakes while writing and doctors have advised him not to write at all and rather not even to rotate his Rosary (Mala). Shree Maharaj ji further stated that previously there was only postal service, now besides this, since morning till night 9'O clock there is continuous incoming of couriers, messages through fax and E-mail. He informed the sadhaks that already he has to write so much for Shree Ram Sharnam and for Sadhna Satsang which can not be left, Shree Maharaj ji requested the sadhaks who were present to inform the other devotees to their towns that in future they should not expect reply to all the letters written to him. Shree Maharaj ji indicated that from next year his travelling to other places also may reduce.

Shree Maharaj ji had earlier also many times cautioned us about the enormous number of letters which he receives but the number has not decreased. This time he had to say "HAVE PITY ON ME"

In these circumstances we make a humble request to all to write to Shree Maharaj ji only when it is extremely necessary and please do not expect a reply for the same. Lets all take a vow today that -- we will be sensitive about the health of "difficult to obtain" such a remarkable, perfect and kind Sadguru. We will no let big or small worldly matters perturb us and we will try to restrain ourselves from writing to Shree Maharaj ji.

"If you have complete faith in your Sadguru, when the world troubles you, just contemplate on your Gurudev in mind, all your messages will be received by him. You will notice that with his grace all your problems will be solved on their own. Have complete faith in your Guru".

Jai Jai Ram

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