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Sadhana Satsang - Disciplines in Hindi

As discussed elsewhere Dr. Vishwamitterji Maharaj stressed upon the cardinal principle of  'Samyam' or self-control as mandatory mechanism for spiritual endeavour. 


In this context Swami Satyanandji Maharaj always voiced for the basic necessity of 'building of character'!

Generally speaking we talk about the need of discipline when we deal with children. We do give sermon to our elders about what to do and what not to do. We teach others about the philosophy of discipline who are caught in the net of negative living. But we never practise discipline in our own lives and we observe the rules and regulations more at the preaching level than in practising perspective.

But for a Sadhak or devout self discipline is like a boat which takes one across the spiritual voyage! Maharaj Dr. Vishwamitterji stressed that 'discipline' at Sadhana Satsang is mandatory and which facilitates facilities of all kind. Again violation of discipline in the context of Paap (sin) also multiplies at the suffering level!

Sadhana Satsang enables oneself to live a regulatory life which otherwise remain a distant dream. 

Here we were confronted with the discipline of very higher order and 36 points of Rules laid down by Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj were spelt out in each room to enable all Sadhaks to impose self-discipline!


Rules and Regulations laid down by Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj are as follows:

Rules of Sadhana Satsang


Only an initiated or Diskshit Sadhak can participate in Sadhana Satsang and Akhand Jap!
2 Sadhaks should seek prior permission before attending Sadhana Satsang.
3 Generally Sadhaks who are ill, very aged or and below 14 years of age are not allowed to attend Sadhana Satsang.
4 There is no provision for special food and thus who do fasting on Ekadashi etc. should keep this in mind before submitting their names seeking permission to attend Sadhana Satsang.
5 Those who are permitted to attend Sadhana Satsang should bring their clothes and bedding according to the season and weather condition. Apart from this every Sadhak should bring their own Sri Bahakti Prakash, Sri Gita and Rosary (Mala) in addition to utensils like glass tumbler, plate, spoon and small bowl (katori).
6 All Sadhaks should take care of their food and other requirements themselves during pre and post Sadhana period. None should bother the local organizers of Sadhana Satsang.
7 During Sadhana Satsang none should talk either in the place of Sadhana or while taking a stroll! None should write letters or talk on telephone and no body is allowed to read newspapers or books.
8 Smoking, Chewing of Pan Masala and addiction of Snuff etc are prohibited.
9 Photography is banned in Sadhana Satsang.
10 Flowers and garlands should not be used for the purpose of welcoming etc. And for decoration purpose flowers can be used which is of bare necessity.
11 During the Sadhana Satsang none should buy anything from outside to drink or eat. In the allotted room of Sadhaks none should take any eatable except medicines. However, in case of any emergent need one should take permission from the organizers.
12 Everybody should keep their shoes in orderly fashion at the earmarked place Wearing of shoes and slippers are not allowed in the Satsang zone.
13 During the programme none should leave or enter the Satsang Hall. And if anyone has to get up for any special reason it is advisable the person should sit at the rear row!
14 In the Satsang hall gossiping is strictly forbidden and it is necessary that everybody should sit together in a row.
15 Everybody should maintain decorum while coughing, yawning, sneezing, hiccuping etc.
16 One should be always vigilant to maintain peace and cleanliness.
17 While coming to the Satsang Hall everybody should switch off the lights and fans of their respective rooms. Turn off the water taps and lock up the doors of their rooms.
18 During Sadhana Satsang every sadhak should dress up modestly and decently a nd none should come out of the room wearing undergarments -- vests and lungis etc.
19 Nobody should unnecessarily consume water and electricity during the Sadhana Satsang.
20 Everybody should reach the Hall at least five minutes before the bell rings for the commencement of each programme. It does not look nice reaching the Hall lethergically.
21 Main motivation of the Satsang is to chant Ram Naam continuously, read Sri Gita and indulge in self study and introspection and spend one's time serving others.
22 In the Satsang mostly one should sing the Ram Dhun and Bhajan songs by poets and saints of the bygone era. No depressing and pesimistic Bhajans should be sung here.
23 Everybody should eat slowly chewing food properly and no food should be wasted. Ask for food what you need must and not more. One should clean one's utensils.
24 In the Satsang any discussion about food, indulgence in gossiping and talking about riches and wealth are forbidden.
25 During Sadhana no couples should meet and talk to each other.
26 One should perform the duty of Akhand Jap willingly and dedicatedly. Sadhak should get up only when the Sadhak of the next turn comes. At night Sadhak on duty of Akhand Jap should get up five minutes earlier and wake up the Sadhak of next turn so that they can continue the Jap. Males are allotted their turn of duty during the night and females are allotted their turn of duty during the day.
27 All Sadhaks should do 'Namaskar' to Parmeshwar from where they are sitting. Its not necessary to do Namaskar going closer to Sri Adhistanji.
28 Not to accept any kind of offerings, not to touch feet or get the feet touched, avoidance of pomp and show, egolessness, and adherence to rules and regulations are the salient features of Satsangs which all of us should always be abide by.
29 Every Sadhak should participate in all the programmes with utmost dedication and devotion.
30 In Sadhana Satsang none should nurture in the mind any sort of complex that one is old or young, rich or poor , high or low rather all should behave courteously, affectionaly and with a sincere fellow feelings.
31 Sadhaks should always keep in mind that the 'bliss' derived from the Sadhana is not disturbed through their slight carelessness and for this they should inconveniences and lapses and cooperate with each other more and more.
32 All Sadhaks should participate more and more in the various units of Sewa with the concurrence of organizers. With the enthusiasm energy alertness and devotion all should do Sewa which is the basic teaching of Sadhana Satsang and infuture also they should continue doing this sort of service.
33 Senior Sadhaks should become an example for the new ones and Senior should teach and mould the new sadhaks. Again the new Sadhaks should try to learn from them painstakingly.
34 During the Vinod Sabha cracking of jokes should not be directed towards any individual and the jokes should be sober, clean and enjoyable.
35 Sadhaks should clarify any doubt concerning Sadhana and its philosophy from an important and knowledgable personality. It is not advisable to elicit opinion of each and everybody and none should discuss and debate with one another.
36 Sadhaks should not dry their clothes on the railings and cornices of Shree Ram Sharnam Satsang Bhawan, Haridwar.


Sadhana Satsang - Disciplines in Hindi

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