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'Shree Ram Sharnam'

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Date Chaitra Purnima, 

18th April 2000

Shree Ram

"Shree Gurudevaya Namaha:"

The most divine and utmostly revered Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj took birth on the most auspicious Chaitra full Moon day (Purnima) of 7th April 1868 (Chaitra Purnima Vikram Samvat 1918) in a Brahmin family. Today on the auspicious occasion of Swami Ji's birthday I offer my heartiest felicitations to all his family members settled world wide.

It is no mere coincidence that the most revered devout of Bhagwan Shree Ram -- Hanuman Ji's birthday is also celebrated on this auspicious day. Thus both the most loved devouts of Prabhu (Shree Ram) had only one mission in their life -- to swell the number of Ram Naam Sadhaks and through the medium of spiritual pursuit (Upasana) bring them to the sacred realm of Shree Ram.  Both the devouts of Shree Ram cherished a singular goal in their life -- to love one and all inhabiting this world as a servant or sevak with the belief that the whole universe is enveloped with "Ram Ram" (Ram-Maye).


Swami Ji used to say that our path is of love and devotion; our path is to preach the gospel of universal love; to bring around happiness remains the mission of this path; to chant and make others chant "Ram Naam" is our mission. This is the path of uniting the separated ones within the bond of divine love. This path can be followed by discharging duties of karma and chanting or remembering "Ram Ram" with devoted mind at the same time. This is the path of respecting and serving others while following this path we do not nurture grudge against anybody, nor do we see faults in others or engage in worthless criticism. Our path is to welcome and embrace one and all.  In our way of life nobody should feel humiliated. Our path is the epitome of "Devotional - Karma Yoga" which not only allows self corrections but also facilitates spiritual elevation within.

On this auspicious occasion of the holy birthday of Swamiji the most befiting gift from the sadhaks should be to transform ourselves from the "tainted mind" to the state of pure "Suman" -- pious mind devoid of devilish thoughts and surrender ourselves to the lotus feet (Shree Charan) of Swami Ji Maharaj. Today, come along and let us all pledge to tread the noble and sacred path paved by SwamiJi Maharaj and Gurudev PremJi Maharaj who took us along on those sacred path.

Hey Ram! let us be blessed so that we can follow the sacred path propounded by our spiritual elders (Gurujan(s)).


Jai Jai Ram

Yours Own



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