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Shree Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust was formed on 02/05/1936 at Lahore as per the desire, blessings and direction of Swami Satyanandji Maharaj for propagating his teachings and also printing and publishing of his holy works. 

The following founder trustees were inducted as per the desire of Swami Ji.

Lala Bindra Ban Sondhi Salig Niwas Jullundher
Rai Bahadur Diwan Badri Dass Advocate Lahore
Sh. Thakur Dutt Sharma Prop. Amrit Dhara
Lala Achru Ramji Advocate Lahore
Lala Satya Pal Virmaniji Prop. Jawala Floor Mill Amritsar


Swamiji Maharaj through penned the following holy works out of himility, always professed that he was not the creator of the work but merely writing the "DIVINE MESSAGE" that he received from "LORD RAM"

  • Amritvani

  • Bhakti Prakash

  • Valmiki Ramayana-sar

  • Shrimad Bhagvad Gita

  • Akadashopnishad Sangraha

  • Prarthna Aur Uska Prabhav

  • Upasak Ka Aantrik Jeevan

  • Bhakti Aur Bhakt Ke Lakshan

  • Sthitpragya Ke Lakshan

  • Bhajan Avam Dhavani Sangrah

  • Pravachan Piyush Collection of Swami Ji's Lectures

Swamiji Maharaj entrusted the original manuscripts of the above Holy Works to the trust and also authorised the trust in writing to print and publish the holy works.           

In pursuance to the desire and with blessings of Shree Maharajji in 1962 a Central Shree Ram Sharnam was established in Delhi for propagating the spiritual message of Swamiji. Sh. Roshan Lal s/o Rai Bahadur Jodha Mal donated the land by the virtue of gift deed and Lala Bhagwan Das Katyal erected the building for Shree Ram Sharnam at 8 Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi.

On completion of the building of Shree Ram Sharnam, regular satsang, religious discourses were satarted propagating the message and Holy Works of Shree Swamiji Maharaj under the patronage of Swamiji Maharaj's successor Shree Prem Ji Maharaj (Sh. Premnath Sethiji).

The spiritual head of Shree Ram Sharnam Swami Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj (Dr. V.M. Mahajan Ji) succeeded Shree Prem Ji Maharaj. The trust and the devotees felt both honoured when Swami Vishwa Mitterji consented to succeed Shree Premji Maharaj and take over as spiritual head of  Shree Ram Sharnam.

The followings are the honourable present trustees of the trust.

  1. Sh. Virendra Katyal

  2. Sh. Anil Dewan

  3. Sh. Amitab Virmani

  4. Sh. Ram Babu Goel

  5. Sh. Gyanesh Kudaisya

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